OHKAY is a content creation brand established in Boston, Massachusetts in 2015. Starting off a highschool DECA project, the idea was initially to create a brand with the intent of giving a voice to creatives in the Boston area. For the business class project, OHKAY was just an idea. As time went on and 2016 started, the idea became a business, the first clothing pieces were manufactured (in Danvers, MA), and it all started from there.

"I kind of had no clue what I was doing, I just wanted to make tangible items and create a brand experience" 
-CHRIS (OHKAY Creative Director) 
It all started right with that. There was no "how-to" manual to it. It was a time where having a brand wasn't a common thing. No one online was teaching kids how to make a brand or create products, it just started with trial and error.

"It started with 12 hoodies. They sold out. I made 12 more. Same thing - sold out. That was almost two years ago, how we're selling 120 things a week and we still write hand written thank you notes in every order. Not much has changed, we've just grown up, gotten a team together, and expanded. It was once a bedroom operation, now we all cordinate who's flying to what part of the country to get stuff made to ship out a day or two later. It's all fun. It's our job. It's our creation. It's our lifestyle."

Through the past 18 months, the brand landed itself a worldwide name, throwing events in major cities around the USA and partnering with London youth scene on various projects. 
OHKAY at the core is a clothing brand offering a free-formed brand experience to youth through events, content, and tangible pieces. 
All items you see for sale on this website were manufactured in the United States. All the hoodies and tees are screen printed by hand in Chicago and all embroidered items are done in Boston, LA, and Chicago.
"It's kind of a By Teens For Teens mentality. The only person older than 19 on our team is the person who makes sure our accounting books are straight. And even she can solve a rubix cube in under a minute thirty" 
From the clothing items to the website and everything in between, everything is designed and brought to life by the OHKAY team which consists of now six employees and creatives working to deliver what you're reading here. 
Everything is made by teenagers. We don't focus on making stuff overseas and selling it on a corporate level, we intend on making products with true meaning. That's why we do it all ourselves.

"It's an open ended meaning - OHKAY means something different to everyone" 

The best part of running the brand is that means what you make of it. We're here to show you that an idea can infinitely go a long way. In 18 months we've shipped over 3,000 pieces throughout the entire globe. We've sent out over 10,000 stickers, made over 250 unique pieces, and continue to create every day.

It's just five letters, but we use those letters to show that anything is possible. You see what we're saying? 


From Boston To The World.