Fast Day In New York


Like I always say. Each day is something new. Today I woke up at 7am in Boston, had my bags packed, and left for a while. This is the interlude to the book of life in between the past chapter and the developmental chapter that is yet to come. So this is one of those "just for fun" chapters. The one in the middle of the serious ones where the author takes a break of real life to joke around and give some personality to the text. So that's this next week. After the OHKAY stuff and before the move to Chicago.

It was a long drive from Boston to New York. It was supposed to be a peaceful four hour drive but torrential rain and a bit of traffic turned it into a long six hour voyage. I got to New York and one, dropped my car at a friends' house, and headed to the city. The goal of the day: Shoot a Lookbook. Create a Website. Drop a Collection. 

One of my best friends Johnny (the little brother to OHKAY Gang) made this awesome collection and he wanted me to shoot it. Since I can do websites, he wanted me to do all of this in one day. I always promised I would get it done by the 10th. 

I got to the city around 2pm. We rented out a studio right in Time Square. We got there and we had booked 3-4pm. Johnny styled the shoot, James modeled it, and I shot it. Overall it was a prodctive hour I got to shoot some stuff of my own as well as bring Johnny's project to life. 

From there we went straight to a Barnes N Nobles around Upper East Side and caught wifi. We sat down, had some iced coffee, edited the photographs, and started on the website. I'm pretty fast when it comes to stuff like that so i just banged it out and johnny called the shots as far as texts, sizing, information, ect. I just plugged in my brain for the rest. 

We put four products on the site, two screen printed shirts that Johnny did, an awesome mock neck sweater he had manufatured in LA, and these amazing pants that I really want to steal when we head out to California. 

We banged out the website in the matter of three hours, straight from scratch. It was a lot of typing and a lot of designing and a lot of this and that but it was all worht it in the end. We dropped directly at nine pm, just like we had promised from the start.

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