United by the Deep Web

Debatably one of (if not the) most important random event to happen to me and my life and the development of my few friends.

One day we'll get all the photos together from basically ever. But the most surprising part is that ever isn't even a year ago. 

I had met Hudson just about a year ago, around September of 2015. Him and I were the best of friends. I wasn't until one night during Christmas break that this random kid Tommy from the internet had hit me up. I guess he lived in some giant castle house a few towns over from where I was living. I only knew him from Instagram. 

I guess at the time he was dating this girl Serafina who I had known only through Instagram. She was cool, she had known my old friends and she was into fashion. Tommy had invited Hudson and I to sleepover one night so we got home at midnight from some party, packed our bags, and went to Tommy's house. 

I walked in and met Tommy and Serafina for the first time ever. 

From that moment on, Serafina and I would become the best of friends in the entire world. 

We all ended up hanging out and talking about the deep web all night long and fell asleep on some couches Tommy had in his room. Confirmed: Castle. Six Bayne Ln. But that's a story for another time. Back to the story, we had woken up and went to get brunch downtown Newburyport. 

I'll never forget the look on her face when Serafina walked in and turned right around and goes "Guys. It's John. Fucking. Cena" as she tries to point without shaking. 

She was, well, as right as she could have been. We all ate brunch at the table behind John Cena. And yes I got a photo with him, what did you think this was????

From then on out, Hudson Serafina and I became the GANG. We would finish highschool as a trio. The best three friends that anyone ever did see. 

I'll get into that with more photos because it truly was a story to be told. There was points where every weekend one of us would be on a plane to a new place. 

One time I texted in the group "Serafina wyd" and quickly she got back to us with the "At the airport. Going to China. I'll be back in like a few days" and she dissapeared to China for less than a week.

I'm telling you

It's one hell of a tale to be told. 

I just need to get it all together before I tell it.

Just know that these were from the first day we all met. 

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