The Clock Does Run Out


There really does come this point in life. This one moment in time. When the clock is up. It happens at the middle of being eighteen. Right when the best times of your life happen. Well, I guess when they happen, you have to start the clock.

Maybe it's different for everyone. And I'm sure it is. But I know that for me, the clock started right when things started picking up.

In the beginning of my senior year of highscool I met two people that would change my life forever. 

I was always someone who would just go to school, enjoy my school friends, then go home and spend time either by myself or with my other school friends or just people that weren't necessarily the people I saw every day in school. I always wished I spent more time with my school friends, but i never had too too much in common with anyone.

oh, that brings up a good point. There also comes a point in life where you realize that the most important people are the ones who share the most common ground with you. Similar interests. Similar looks, even. Similar everything. That's what makes people gravitate towards eachother.

In middle of senior year is when the gang got created. Hudson Serafina and I. 

Three teenager from Massachusetts that would combine to see the world and conquer nearly every corner in the span of eight months. From China to London back to New York and out to LA. We saw it all. 

I had the best time of my life. Every single day was a go go go. I would wake up, responsibility free, and we would just do stuff. We did something every single day. We all lived thirty minutes from eachother but that didn't change anything. 

There was nothing I liked more than getting in my car and driving down the highway to Serafina's house in this small town called Newburyport. We would just walk around downtown and get ice cream and do basically nothing but it felt like we were doing everything. Some days we would go to Ipswich and hangout at Hudson's house. 

Hudson has this brother Parker who is going to be the future one day. Coolest kid ever. I finally got to feel like I had a little brother. I would just drive him and his freshman friends around because that's what the older kids did for me when i was younger and I felt like Parker was the perfect person to repay to favor to. 

Life was so good. 

And life is still good, don't get me wrong. Nothing is wrong at this point in my journey of life. I'm super content with my current life and all, it's just that it's nothing like what I just talked about up there. 

It's totally different. And the clock did that to me. 

We conquered the world we infultrated New York we got to hangout in LA we were cold in London we saw what we wanted to, then it all slowly came to an end.

We graduated. I watched Serafina walk her stage and her and Hudson watched we walk mine. We spend summer days and summer nights together. We watched sunrises and drank wine to sunsets on the house boat. We went on Spring Break to the Dominican. We just smiled. Endlessly. Life was so easy. And simple. We were making money off of making stuff for the brand and everything else we were up to. We were, what seemed to be, an unstopable team. 


Until the clock struck zero. 

And there are more people in my life that contributed to the mayhem and what not, but Serafina and Hudson are the two most important.

And each clock hit at a different point. 

Serafina's a few days before mine. 

Hudson's a few days after.

But there's this shitty point in your life. Well, I shouldn't say shitty. Just different.

When you have to get up.

Pack everything you care about; laptop, camera, clothes, chargers, money.

And move to College. 

I picked Chicago, Serafina picked New York, Hudson chose to figure out his life in Boston. 

I threw all my clothes into a suitcase, got on a plane, and moved to Chicago.

So here I am, a thousand miles from Boston, five hundred from Serafina, in an entire new world. 

I have friends here. Lots of them. Some of which I think i'll be friends with forever.

But there is nothing I wish for more 

Than to be able to go back to the middle of senior year of highschool

Hudson in my passenger seat of the Lexus we bought off of money from OHKAY

Driving fast windows down

Feeling the spring air 

Thinking about what to make next and how we were going to display each thing

En route to Newburyport

The small town that Serafina seemed to own in her head 

As we never had any real plans for our days.

We just wanted to walk around. 

And talk. 

And laugh.

As best friends.

Because for the first time ever, we all had best friends. 

And now i'm sitting in this ginormous library at my college. 

And i've been editing this website for the past five and a half hours 

listening to a lot of light songs on loop

and theres hundreds of people around me all working at their own goals. 

and i'm going back in time in my head 

and in my photo book

and on Instagram

and just wishing that in this moment 

I could be back with my only two best friends in this entire world. 

But the clock struck and life had to go on. 

And we're all in different places.

And yes, people have breaks from college and stuff

I just don't think life will ever be the same as it was in the storm we created during our senior year. 

It was something that I hope someome makes a movie about.

And there's so much that went on that i'm just leaving out. 

Because one day i'm going to write a book about us. 

Because in reality life went on and Hudson ended up drifting away from me and started not to like me. 

And I just let him figure things out. 

And Serafina never took sides of course. 

But one day I hope everything goes back to normal

And I get to be as happy as I was.

Because looking around, as it's ten minutes of two in the morning. 

I can count about thirty college students working hard on laptops. 

And not a single one of them look like people I want to take over the world with. 

But that's how life goes.

One day you're living your life in complete peace and 100% care free.

Then you blink and you move to college. 

And everything changes. 

So please just enjoy it while you can. 

And love your friends. 

Please fucking love your friends go hug them go take photos with them i dont know just go be thankful they're there because it really sucks when they're not. 

Just do as much as you can until the clock expires. please. 

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