Learn - A lot

There's this guy out there named Malcolm Gladwell and he wrote this book about this idea of ten thousand hours. In my eyes, ten thousand is a lot. But something about the concept always resonated with me. 

There was also this tweet, I'll paraphrase it because I read it quite some time ago and I feel like finding it might take too long, but it was something along the lines of 

You and me got the same 24 hours, so don't get mad when I get ahead

I want to say it was from a soundcloud rapper. Someone of that caliber, you know. 

But both of those things really stuck with me. Granted one idea was from a renowned author and thinker and the other was a soundcloud rapper, but both kind of come back to the idea of utilizing your time correctly. 

And that's something I've always been really really into.

The idea of like - using your time to your advantage.

And don't get me wrong, I waste a lot of time. It's a big flaw of mine, actually. Like I'll sit on my phone some mornings for thirty minutes doing absolutely nothing. Or, I'll catch myself aimlessly scrolling on instagram from time to time. I always think to myself 'what am i actually gaining from this?'. And most times..... scratch that.... every time; the answer is little to nothing.

But when I'm not wasting time, I'm trying to invest it wisely. 

You know that phrase, super old super corny, I kind of want to punch people in the face when they say it, but it's the whole "time is money" thing. 

Well, I guess it is. If you're really busy and could either be spending time making money like working a job rather than going out, I get it. It makes sense. But I always looked at it a little bit different. 

Like you get 24 hours in the day, right? Twenty four. Granted yeah you need to sleep for like six to eight of those, bringing you down to, what, let's call it 16 hours of time. Throw an hour in for eating, another hour for down time, fourteen hours. 

What do you do with every fourteen hours? Or ten hours? Or like what do you do with five free hours of each day?

The best way to become smarter is to invest them wisely. 

So in term, think of time as money. But in an investment standpoint. 

Sometimes, you can invest your money into something and there's no return on investment. Right? Like you buy something for $400 and you might not be able to sell it for $450, or over time it's not really worth $400. That's fine, it happens. I buy stuff all the time that I don't get adequite value out of. But sometimes, I find things that I invest in that make back a lot more money than what I put in. 

So look at time like that, too. But the end goal isn't always to make money, because in my eyes, you can very much make money when you're like 22 years old and get your first big job and get $75,000 in a year or whatever. 

But however old you are, you could be like fifteen or eighteen or twenty -- it's a perfect time to learn - a lot. 

It's really damn important to learn. And the main reason I say that is because there's nothing more important than knowledge. 

And there's nothing cooler to me than meeting someone smart

I italicized that because being smart doesn't necessarily mean getting perfect grades or knowing a few languages, although that's really sick if you can do either of the two. 

But you can be so many types of smart. You just need to pick which one you want the be the most smart in. 

Like for example I can tell right off the bat what type of smart some people are.

Some of my friends can make $10k in a day just posting stuff online. That's smart. But they also probably don't know accounting because maybe they didn't study for their finals because they were too busy investing their ten hours into content creation. 

Some of my friends can describe the plot to fifty of their favorite books, or tell me exactly what actor played what role in each film they starred in. 

Some of my friends can make a full on coat from scratch. 

Some of my friends can make music and know how to make it go viral. 

Some of my friends know how to play four instruments and speak four languages.

But all of that stuff takes time. But that's what seperates a lot of people from the rest of everyone you encounter every day.

People that care about being smart, and being good at what they like, are the best type of people.

Why? Because they learn..... a lot. 

I've probably said this same thing a bunch of times in these blog posts or whatever but I think it's really important to focus on education. Any type, from early high school all the way through college, because it makes you a certain type of smart.

Having to take five classes a semester and giving you material and saying "ok go master this", that's an experience only a certain type of person is built to be good at. But getting through that, in college for example, turns you into a genuinely smart person. It teaches you stuff like time management and shows you that you only have so many hours in the day, so in order to master each subject you need to see what you have to spend the hours on each day.

So I'm taking finals this week, right. Yeah, I go to college and I study every day and a lot of people think I just jet around the world and run a brand or something but I really just do school very very intensely for the week and travel on weekends. Back to what I was saying - finals this week. I spent ten hours in the library today, and it was so much fun. 

I had more fun learning the in-depth content of Accounting than I would have had if I was sitting on a beach somewhere. Becuase I can do the whole jet setting beach sitting thing when I'm 22 or 23 or 27 or 45. Like life is always going to be there. But being young and being able to wake up in the morning and not have to go to work and not have to be a real functioning person of society and being able to be like word I have to go to school, then I don't have to do anything until i need to go to school the next day, that's fire. 

There's no better time in life to have a bunch of hours to invest in bettering yourself and your brain. 

So the moral is - use the hours wisely, and learn.

Take advantage of free education. If I could go back to being 16 right now and be a sophomore again in highschool, I would just sit there and learn everything possible and gotten 100% on every exam I ever took. Granted I worked hard and got a 3.9 GPA in high school because I was super into school and stuff, but I also copied everyone's homework and just knew how to study for exams and do papers correctly. But there's no true reason to half ass school. 

One day, after you leave high school, you'll sit in college and realize as fun as it is, it's like $20,000 or $50,000 or more a year. Then you're like holy shit each class costs like a ton of damn money and high school was free I wish I took advantage of every thing all my teachers were paid to teach me. 

Also, like use your free time wisely. 

I think reading books is super important.

I've been reading some short books lately, like 150 page ones, because I'm really focusing on learning how authors create and develop characters. 

That book I keep saying I'm going to write, well the main reason I haven't started it is because I don't have enough experience yet. Like yeah, I can write this to you and I'm sure a lot of people say wow boy can write but like at the end of the day I'm not an author, I'm just someone who can type fast and keep you reading. Maybe because you trust that what I write is going to be worth your time, maybe because you just like reading, but I'm not an author yet.

So I've been devoting an hour or two a day to sitting somewhere and reading books. The more I read, the more I understand how authors write.

Every time I write in here, it's just me writing to you. Like as you read this you probably imagine my voice (whatever you think I might sound like) talking to you as you comprehend the words in your head.

But what fascinates me is that authors, like 40 year old adults, can create teenage characters and give them their own personal voice, and you're not listening to the 40 year old writing the story in their remote log cabin in Maine, you're listening to the character they created

That's what I'm focusing on. Well, and making clothes and making OHKAY bigger and stuff, but aside from that it's the whole "I need to create a character, be their best friend, and make friends for them" thing. Then, I'll make a story and a plot and start trying to write this book.

But you see what I'm getting at? It's important to always be investing your time into making yourself smarter.

The more books I read the more friends I make at the library. The more friends I make at the library, the more people I can talk to about stuff I'm into. The more conversations I have the more topics I get to learn about, the more I learn the smarter I get, then I can talk about all those cool things to anyone else I meet. It's a cycle that never hurts to keep turning. 

Learning is really important, no matter what form it is. 

And that's something I'll always stress. 

One big example that I could go on and on for hours about is OHKAY.

I learned everything through making this brand. 

I was sixteen when I started this two years ago and I knew literally nothing about all of this. And let me tell you, there's a lot to learn about this stuff if you're one of those kids trying to start a successful brand. 

But like, I just learned. I talked to anyone and everyone I could find who knew secrets to brands and I sat there and learned how to make this website and I sat there and got better at blogging and I sat there and figured out how to make clothes then figured out how to make better clothes and the cycle kind of kept going, but it would have stopped very early on if I never wanted to learn more. And the only reason I wanted to learn more was becuase it's so interesting to me, like it's the most fascinating topic that I know. "Branding". And it's one I could go on and on for hours about. And I'm eighteen now and I have a lot to learn, so one day I will go on and on about it, but I need to learn endless amounts before the time is right. 

But it's just stuff like that, you know? Learning everything is important, and sometimes scrolling on instagram is fucking stupid, because you could be reading a book or the New York Times or figuring out how to get better at math or learning how to sew a coat from scratch. 

Just stuff like that.

I don't know, just something to think about.

If there's one thing you can take from me and from what I talk about, it's to learn - and learn a lot. 

Talk soon, 


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