'Just' Living

For the longest time, I knew everything I wanted to do. 

When I was fifteen and sixteen I spent a lot of time observing. 

I watched how people did what they did, saw my older friends go off to college, saw kids get rich and move out of their small hometown. I watched it all. 

And I watched how people carried themselves. Online and offline. I took mental notes, I saw what I liked about some people, and what I didn't like about others. 

I just jotted it all down in my head while I was living the perfect high school experience in suburban Massachusetts.

After a while, I kind of put everything together in my head and figured out who I wanted to be, how to be that person, and what I needed to do to get there.

Everything in between kind of fell into place, but looking back at it - it all makes sense.

I always used to think of what could be my biggest failure, and it would be 

to just live

And by that, I mean to just be an average member of a minimalistic society.

Like being someone who doesn't impact society at all.

Someone who doesn't change the world, make anything, or inspire people.

To dissect it, my absolute biggest fear in this entire world is breaking down one day and not figuring my life out and having to move back to my hometown in massachusetts and work a regular job and just live

I see it all the time, kids that are like 19, 20, 21, 22, they all do it.

They either don't go to college and just start working or they go to school and then move back in with their parents, and it's so toxic seeming to me. 

You need to go off and start fresh somewhere.

Get a job, make enough money for rent, have fun, make new friends, and find a path you want to take in life.

But do it elsewhere. Part of growing up is getting away, and part of getting away is making it on your own.

Don't be dependent on your parents to give you all the money in the world, just start working in a field you want to expand in and go from there.

Like what blows my mind is the people who don't go to college and work a regular job. 

In this sense, a regular job is like being a bus boy at a resteraunt, or maybe working at a fast food place.

Any job where you can't level up and gain many higher positions until you're a top dog, that's a regular job. 

On the other hand, a position to work is something like an internship at a marketing company. 

Why is that better than the bus boy job? Because at the marketing internship you're going to work really hard for a few months, probably do some bitch-work, maybe work on some spread sheets, and then you're going to get called into an office one day and your boss is going to offer you a position on the team.

You're going to be making around 50k-60k the first year, maybe more depending on the team, then after two years you're going to get a promotion and start managing another team, then another team, then you'll be a top dog at the branch and you'll be working with big clients and handing millions of dollars worth of marketing money annually. 

I hope that's easy to follow, just look at the two jobs side by side.

You can stay at home and live in your parents house and smoke weed with your friends and try to jump start some sort of career based off your non-expanding talents, or you can try to work a job that presents stepping stones to you so you can grow, learn, and expand. 

The bus boy job is something along the lines of "just living" and the marketing job is "living to expand". 

As time goes on in life, you can fall into a "just living" life when you get older, too. And that's something I'm doing everything in my power to avoid but a lot of people do get degrees and then go work some normal job at a desk and never do anything else. 

I know people who's "going out plans" on weekends are going to a local bar and thinking it's the crazeist experience of their life.

But if you moved to a major city and had a degree and got a job where you can work, create, and expand, then your life opens up and the world becoemes your mini map for fun.

That's how it is for me and all my friends, like yeah we do brand stuff and work for other companies on projects and we're 19 and doing whatever we want, and with that, the world is just our little map and platform. 

I can't even call my friends and say whats up where are you, it's more of a "what state are you in" type of deal because everyone's moving around and working all over the place.

And maybe I should have mentioned earlier the idea of working with people with the same ambitions as you. Never put yourself in a position where you're working with a bunch of people who are "just living". Always surround yourself with people who want the exact same thing as you and want it just as bad as you. If you get stuck around a bunch of bus boy thinkers and you're the internship material, then you'll get stuck in the just living life until you can break out of it. 

And if you're a bus boy that's totally cool I'm never ever knocking anoyne's hustle because I'm all for getting your money however you get your money, but it was just a job title that fit the type of thing I was talking about. 

Just get out and strive to get more. 

Don't get stuck in your hometown. Don't get stuck going out with your high school friends or worrying about how good anyone else is doing, just focus on you.

Not a lot of people get told the importance of all of that. Most people just think oh let me stay connected at the hip to my high school friend group and never get away. No. Go far far away. Start fresh. Go out with new people. Make new friends. See what you can learn from others. And when it comes time to work, work with people exactly like you. 



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