Traveling Alone

A lot of people ask me to write more about the travel side to my life and what I learn from all of that - 

Like I rant about in all my other blogs, the big issue I have is that I'll go somewhere and do a ton of crazy things and shoot photos on my point n shoot and be all stoked to go write about it and then I'll like find out oh I need to get on another plane becuase I need to be somewhere else tomorrow and it creates this cycle of "oh I'll write about it tomorrow" then more stuff piles up that I want to write about and the cycle continues,

So I've been trying to wake up early and get at least one or two things down a day, maybe it'll get me back into the grove. 

I want to talk about the idea of traveling alone.

First and foremost, traveling alone is for a very specific type of person. 

A lot of people would panic in a lot of situations I've been in, and most 18 year olds wouldn't get on random planes across the world to go meet internet friends.

But somehow, it's all worked out. And it's worked out extrememly well.

I only travel alone. 

The only time I've ever gone with someone somewhere was when my friend Trey and I went to LA to go to Camp Flog Gnaw, and that was because we were both handed the tickets and it was like "ok word come". 

But even then - 99% of the time I was like wow I wish I was alone. 

When you travel alone, it's just you - against the world.

I always hear the "man what if something goes wrong or you get lost or something" thing. 

Well yea, that's always a possibiltiy. It could totally happen. I could be out in London at 4am and get killed or robbed or mugged.

At that point, it would just set me back a little bit but I'd get back up and figure my life out.

And people always say "well how do you make friends places you go".

Honestly, most of it comes from Instagram.

I won't really go anywhere in the world that I don't know people that live there from Instagram. 

And ovbiously my case is a little bit different becuase I have so many friends from Instagram that all work for big brands and stuff who also know tons of friends, but what I usually do is just find a place I'm going to, or a place I want to go, then I click around and find the cool kids that live there. Most of the time I just find the cool 17 year old kids and they'll eventually tell me all the cool older kids, younger kids, whatever. 

Then I just head out and fly wherever and stay with whoever wants to house me. 

From there, it's kind of my homebase. I keep all my stuff at one central locatioin and make sure the people housing me are cool with me like coming in and out, most times it's couches that my friends own.

I don't do the hotel thing. It's super corny and stupid expensive. No matter where you go you can find a friend online and just be like hey man can I please crash on your couch and if they say no they'll find you someone to say yes - well, that's how it works for me. It might be different depending on how you approach the situations. 

So once you have your homebase, you have most of the problem solved. 

Now you just need friends. 

I just find those cool kids from instagram and say ok cool what are we doing tonight. Chances are when you go out with them, you'll make 5 more friends, who can introduce you to 5 more friends

And like I said before, this might sound crazy to some people. 

But that's exactly what I do.

And my biggest regret is not having some kid follow me around the world this past year and film my experiences because ever since I started utilizing Instagram and the internet to make friends around the world - I've just about lived the life of a teenage rockstar.

I knew no one in London until I went there one night with no plans and nowhere to stay. I had a few Instagram friends who said I could crash on their couches.

That was when I was seventeen. Now I'm 19 and I've been there like five times and have 50 friends and 10 different houses to live in whenever I'm there.

Maybe that's because I'm a certain type of personable kid, but the key is to just talk.

Talk and talk and talk and talk.

Talk to everyone. Talk to every kid, talk to everyone who looks like you have common interest with them, talk to everyone who looks out of your league. 

From there, you'll find people who want to talk to you.

And the key is - do it all alone.

I've kind of side tracked the point of this, but it's to do it alone.

And that's so you avoid having to hold up for another person.

Because as mean as this sounds, you're only as cool as the people you're with.

And for me, I can flourish in any social situation and find the smartest people in the room in two seconds and I just know how to become friends with everyone by myself that I don't really need a wingman or someone to help me.

Now, when you travel with people, you end up losing that spark.

You have to introduce everyone you meet to all your friends.

And don't get me wrong, sometimes that's sick and a total boost, but if they aren't exactly like you then in my opinion it looks bad on you.

It's hard to articulate what I'm trying to say here.

So you walk into a party with yourself - your friend who is a little less social than you - and some person who doesn't know anyone in the room and is shy. 

You can go off and meet a TON OF PEOPLE and make connections and just ball out - but then you have the risk of your two friends following you around just tagging onto the side of you. 

So unless someone I know is as good at the networking social aspect as me - I tend to avoid going out in packs.

And that goes for traveling too.

When you go somewhere with someone - you feel obligated to invite them to your every plan.

And when I touch down in a city, I make sure I have fifteen different plans made for a weekend, and as many groups of people to see as possible. And every once in a while you just can't bring your boys out with you or if you want to go hangout with someone one on one or like go on a date, you feel like a dick when you ditch the kid(s) you traveled with. 

Then of course there's the money thing. Which could either be really good or really bad.

Like if you go somewhere with people who's parents give them a lot of money for fun - that's cool. Ok I sound like a dick, but it's really cool. I only say that because I haven't gotten a single dollar from my family since I was 16 so when I'm out - I know how to have a lot of fun without spending a lot of money. BUT, some friends of mine have unlimited credit cards and those are super fun friends to have because if you go clubbing they're fine spending oodles of money on whatever and you can be like ok cool I have enough money to eat in the morning. 

That sounded conceided or something but it's not like that, there are just some kids who are blessed when it comes to that type of stuff.

So like yeah - going out with your homies is sick, but traveling with a pack is not. 

My biggest thing is just "ok i don't ever want to have to worry about someone else". 

Because I'm one of those people who is a leader in any and every situation so I'm always the ones with plans and I'm always finding moves to make and when everyone depends on me I just get mad becuase no one ever puts in effort to fend for themselves. 

I've gone on tangents here - and I think I realized that I want to start making Youtube vidoes. 

When I write all of these, I just type as fast as I can think so I basically could just sit infront of a camera and say all of this. So maybe I'll do that. 

Not sure. 

Thanks for listening. 

I'll write about Miami - that was a very crazy solo mission.

Ok talk soon 


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