So much to do, so little time.

A phrase that always runs through my head is 

So much to do, so little time to do it

And that's how I've been feeling for just about the past month. I don't even know where the past month has gone. I remember it turning into May and we had just put out some new clothes then next thing I know I looked and it was like May 23rd. 

May Twenty Third.

The end of May.

And in something like fifteen days, I move out of my dorm and I leave Chicago for the summer and I leave behind our new OHKAY office and I leave all my new friends and I leave my new home and I go back to my real home for a little while and I enjoy Massachusetts then I travel then I make new stuff then back to Chicago.

It's so crazy.

There's so much to do, and so little time to do it.

So I'll fill you in just a little bit. For those who care.

School has been crazy. Yes, I'm still in school. It's actually 3:40am and I'm sitting in the lounge of my dorm and today I wrote a 9 page paper and yesterday I wrote a different ten page one and there's just so many projects and researches and crazy things. And aside from that, I've been helping this store Congruent Space curate this giant art show and basically we're making 4,000 pounds of pink sand and we're getting $10,000 worth of plants for an instalation for this guy named Joe Fresh Goods idk it's going to be really cool but it's just so time consuming plus school and stuff.

This past weekend we put out some new One of One stuff which I thought was cool. I always have a ton of fun with those mini projects plus it gives people clothes that literally will never be replicated ever again. Oh, look at this! Yo! We made this crazy new gif. I love gifs. They bring so much life to everything. I don't get why more brands don't use them, but look how cool this one is for the One Of One Stuff. This is the exact print that is on the back of every shirt we just put out. 


BUT, it's time that we do our spring stuff. And I always tell myself and our team that I hate crunching time because we never get to promote correctly, but it's going to be a crunch time experience with this spring stuff.


So we're calling this 



And that's mainly because this is the first time we've worked all around with the world to make stuff. And the point of this shit is to be like yo look, we wanted to make gold chains. So we found out where the hell to make gold chains and we did it. We wanted a special pantone light blue shirt and the exact thread to match the shirt. What'd we do? Found out how to make it. We wanted to collaborate with a favorite company of ours to make accessories, we hit them up told them our story and made it happen. No one really cared that we're eighteen. That's the magic in all of this. We're doing whatever we want and making anything we can think of and this whole "you need to be older to do this stuff" is not a thing. Like anything we think of and draw out, we've figured out how to make. 

We're releasing the chains that we made in London.

We did a collaboration with this New York brand called PINTRILL to make these really sick little pins of the OHKAY logo.

We're embroidering so many new colors in Chicago on really really really high quality shirts that are made in LA. 

We're doing a cool pinkish orange hoodie. 

We're doing some visors and some hats.

We're releasing that maps tee that everyone's been asking about. 

We did some crop tops. Only a few. Those are hard to make. 

What else is there. There's a bunch. 

There's so many items. 

And we didn't even focus on going crazy with screen print designs this drop because we want to focus on that branding and the logo and just getting the OHKAY logo out to the world in as many crazy colors and pretty combinations as possible.

And it's crazy to me that we're going to make like 150 items for this spring stuff, put it out May 29th, then on June 10th I pack up and leave, and I can't take it all with me.

So if you're reading this, go buy a shirt and support us or something nice so we have less in the office for summer.

We're going to have a team of people here working on shipping so once I go home there will still be the operation and the shipping for the spring stuff while i'm back in boston working on the next stuff. 

It's a constant cycle. This brand stuff never really ends. There's so many thing that I have in my head that I want to execute. So many. Like I want to make 500 things this summer, I just need 500 people to love the brand enough to buy them so I can make 500 more. You know what I'm saying? 

It's just how it goes. 

A Teenage Project means a lot to me because it's just the logo. Like all these pieces and all it is is that OHKAY logo. And it's going to be pretty. And I'm really upset that we aren't going to have a month to shoot a nice look book. As a matter of fact, we're going to pick everything up from our embroider on Friday at 10am. Then we have the show for Joe Fresh Goods all evening Friday, and Saturday. Since we made the show, we gotta be there. It'll be cool. We spoke with people from Fader about covering it and I think i'm going to shoot it. Hell, we made the show I hope they let me shoot it. But that's off topic. We have from Friday at 10am to pick all this stuff up, bring it to a studio, shoot product photos, then find people to model it, shoot a lookbook, email it out to everyone, try to show people why spending $30 on an OHKAY shirt is worth their while, and release it all by Monday. 

So like I said, So Much To Do, So Little Time. 

But that's the fun with all of this. There's not a single minute for us to sit down. 

Like yesterday. Jheeze.

Wake up at 9. Homework will 10:30. Food till 11:15. Class 11:20-12:50. Back to office. Package orders alone till 4. Put together 85 free sticker envelopes. Put stamps on all of them. Pack 2 suitcases up full of packages. Bring them to the post office by 6. Come back. Ginormous research paper. Serafina came to Chicago to come hangout so she came over at like 10. Paper till 11. We both did 50 more sticker packs till 12. Edit the website till 1. Sell some GUE$$ crop tops that guess sent me for some reason till 1:30. Try to sell random stuff on grailed till 2:30. More homework till 4am. Sleep till 10. Wake up. Class. Essay. Essay. Essay. Class. Essay. Answer emails from brand stuff. Check in with embroidery place make sure all is going smoothly. Dinner. School stuff. Brand stuff. Now it's 4am and I'm sitting here still typing, knowing I'll be tired all day tomorrow.

And hell, I need to wake up go to class then leave to go package more orders then study for an exam, go make sure everything looks good at Congruent Space Store, take the exam at 6, stay in lecture till 9 then go back and revise my paper.

All while trying to plan out what clothes I'm going to make for summer.

Well, if you're still reading at this point, I guess thank you for listening to me rant. Isn't it crazy how you have this perceived thought of what I sound like and as you read this you can hear me in your head. I find that so wild. Well. I hope my voice is getting tired, as it just officially became 4am and the birds chirp outside our window. The piano music plays loudly in my headphones as five people work on their homework around me, all of them tapping their feet on the ground listening to their own music. It's like they're in their own worlds. College is nuts. Time doesn't exist. You just do as much as you possibly can from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. But like I always say, that's half the fun in this, isn't it? 

This kid next to me claims he's nocturnal. I don't think humans can be nocturnal. He's crafting a computer game. Like a real one. It's crazy because like I have this entire world on this platform and I've created a brand and all of that and like I have my full time job right here on my computer but in reality that's nothing compared to the people in this room like the kid next to me is working on stuff that will one day be as big as Call Of Duty and the other kid in this room is figuring out algorithms to find students housing for the cheapest possible price at the best possible time while we're all checking BitCoin prices every few minutes to see when to sell ours for the highest possible profit. 

I really want to write a book. 

I really want to be a writer. 

Like one day. But like I have this really cool idea for summer and it's called SUMMERCAMP. And i'm only telling you this because you've gotten this far into reading about the random stuff my mind comes up with when checking in with you about my life. And SUMMERCAMP is going to be beautiful. And it's going to be detailed. It's a collection of clothes. But it's also a written story made into a print zine and a short film and a full project. Like the entire package. 

I think it's time that I do something full-scale like that. I think it'd be pretty. Even if it doesn't all sell out. I want to do something pretty. 

I just want to do a project that people look at and say like wow they really did a good job on this. Something real. Something that will make people smile. That's all I ever want! Is for people to smile! I don't want 10,000 retweets. I don't want to be a soundcloud trap rapper! I just want people to be happy with themselves and know they can make whatever they want. That shit is so important! But wow this blog has gone in just about a thousand directions. 

But that's how my mind goes.

And that's half the fun of it. 

Can you still hear me?

I type fast but I talk with a change in pitch.

It's an energetic voice. Always in an upbeat tone.


I got really sad the other night.

Like I almost cried.

I got home from this party and it was like 3am and I just sat on the floor of my bathroom and thought about all the amazing things I've done and people I've met this year. 

And it's all coming to an end.

And if you know me, you know that my least favorite thing is when experiences end.

I just hate that word. 

It makes me so sad knowing that nothing I'll ever do will make me a freshman in college ever again.

Most kids would think I'm lame for saying this stuff. But most kids won't read till the end. 

I don't know why you're reading till the end, but hey thank you for that. And if you ever want to be my friend you can like email me and we can talk about life. 

But like endings. Man i always hated endings. 

I never really knew why.

But I would always cry when I went to sleepover camp and it ended.

Like at the end of each week. Even though I knew I was going back.... like the next week. It's just that life is so real and life is so rich in the moment and when you indulge yourself in an experience it's like getting the entire package deal and just the way life lands and the puzzle pieces fit together, even if you put your self back in some places, the experiences will never be the same.

And I really thought of college as one big week of sleepover camp. Just for a year. And it was the best year of my life. But I'm going to talk all about that in a different blog. 

But for now just know that like we're doing tons of stuff. And I lied when I said I was tired.  I mean like I kind of am. But when all of this is going through your mind it kind of buffers out the tiredness. 

Would you read my books if I became a writer. 

I hope you would. 

That'd be really cool.

It's kind of weird. I never really share my life too much. But on here I just feel like I have the platform to talk. Maybe it's because we're friends now, you and me, and you listen. 

Like Charlie in Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

I always just wanted friends in my life, and people to listen to the stories we made.

And this is my life.

And I'm just glad you came for the stories.

So yeah. New stuff next monday. If you read this far, I hope you like it and if you do go buy something so we can work on SUMMERCAMP and SummerStuff. 

Share OHKAY with your friends.

Oh! If you got this far go to the @OHKAY instagram page and comment the butterfly emoji. We can become friends. It'd be nice to get to see who actually reads these. 

I know it's like a lot of people because I see the analytics of the website but like who actually cares about this stuff. 

It's so crazy that people listen when I talk. 

I grew up as an only child and I never had that, but i always hungout with myself and read stories and books and wrote to people that i never thought listened. 

crazy, isn't it?

ok I'm going to bed.

I'm going to write more this week. 

The gif that is used for this blog holds a lot of meaning. 

Everytime I write something it's like I'm brining a flower to life. I grow it and I explain stuff and at the end of it all, it's like bam the flower comes out and shines. Take it how you want. For each is .... you get the point. Well,

Talk to you soon!


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