We've Been Really Busy

Around the world in 80 days, while staying up 80 nights trying to figure the game of life out. Seems like a half decent recap of the past few months. And once again, I'm kicking myself and everyone else involved in the back for not documenting it all better.

There was a few weeks span where orders went out in Chicago one night, we got on a plane the next morning to Miami, went on a very relaxing spring break in Miami for a few nights, flew back to Chicago to do a presentation for school (was in Chicago for 22 hours, did my schoolwork, then packed again), woke back up at 7am, got on another plane, went to New York for a week, met with some manufacturing people, some friends, and went out just about every night, then went to Boston for a single night to do some stuff, then back on the plane the next morning to Chicago and made it to class on time. Then school picked up really fast. And life did, too. 

We've been trying to get the designs finished and into production for all the spring stuff but it's been taking a while. We put the sample sale up and just about all 50 items sold out in the first few hours, which was pretty awesome. We've been working with some other big brands on idea projects and collabs for summer and there's a lot coming.

I'll admit that we've been completely slacking for the past few weeks and it's time to pick things up and actually start making new stuff. 

If you're one of the like 110 people who ordered something and it's taken a little bit extra time to get to you, trust me, it'll get there and we're throwing in free stuff with all orders that took over a week to get out. It's just been hectic. Some days no one gets to bed until 4 in the morning after 6 hours at the library doing schoolwork and stuff and another 5 hours in class all day and 3 hours working on projects then some days we go from the library to the plane to travel and everything. 

I apologize for slacking, but there's a lot to come. 

Hanging out and living slow has been fun for the past few months, and taking a quick break from the constant shipping stuff out and making new products has been a good break mentally but people have been boring me and it's time to get back to making pieces and building brand content. 

I want to put out a Zine soon, new clothes, an interview series, new blogs, and music / art recomendations. I'd like to make OHKAY a platform where we show off new artists and brands and also put people on in a creative way.

There's like 10,000 people that go to this website monthly even when we don't update it, so why not throw endless content your way so you have endless reason to come back.

Just an idea.

Ok it's 5am I've been in the library for like 9 hours and need to go home and ship stuff out before I fly to LA in like 22 hours. I won't sleep until the sun is well above my head today. 

Until next time,


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