the best way to get anything done is sitting in the sun with a charged laptop, two good pens, a handful of markers, your phone on airplane mode, and an open notebook. 

At the end of the day I wish I had moved somewhere where the sun shines the entire year round because overcast skies and cold mornings take a real tole on you when they go in cycle. 

Spring is the most important time of the year because spring time always comes with change. 

Spring turns into summer rand summer turns into a new year. September is different for everyone. Some people go off to new schools, some people move across the country, some people start new lives. But spring time is the only time where everyone experiences the end of the cycle together. 

It would have been nice to move to LA and experience spring the full year, but it just was never in the overall plan. 

New York, Boston, Chicago, everywhere on this side of the map is really calm. Not calm in the sense of the city, because I don't think there's been a single calm moment anyone's had since moving to a big city. But spring time brings the fast to a slow and the nights back to days. 

If I could I'd drop out of school and sit outside for the next year of my life and work on stuff. And there's not too much stopping me. I mean, nothing in general is stopping me .College is, at times, really stupid. But some of itm akes you smarter. If you want it to, that is. I'm sure you could party every ady and never go to class and get by and make a lot of friends doing it but I don't think that's too good of a way to spend a coupleyears of your life. 

That's besides the point. 

The point of the matter is that sometimes you should turn your phone off and go outside and draw in a notebook or something. You don't need to be thinthe next big ideas or the ext way to make a Tesla car, but you should at least try to do soemthing. Spring is the perfect time to start new ideas and work on stuff with your friends. Go outside every morning or every day after school and just sit there and disconnect from your toxic phone and just think of some shit to do .Think of a short film to mae with your friends over the summer. Draw out some ideas for a t shirt you want to make. Think of a short story to write and go make a zine of it. 

Draw something then go learn how to make it in photoshop and go make a pin of it. Like a pin for a backpack. Give it to all your friends. Make some more ideas and some stickers then print 100 of them on some sticker website an slap them around and give them out. Bam, you turned an idea into a pin then into a sticker then you have something to make a brand about. Make a blog. Make a youtube channel. 

I don't really know. 

Just do something. Sit out side and think of something. Because if you don't you're going to sit back and say wow I really wish I had put my free time to good use. 

You have an entire spring. It just started getting nice out. 

Don't sit inside and play xbox all day long. 

Spend every minute you can outside and actually work on making something. 

Use the spring sun and the green grass and find some sort of internal inspiration for something out there. 

Put on a spring playist from Spotify and put your headphones in and spend some time alone and just work on yourself. There's nothing more important than your own ideas. 

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