What does a day consist of for you? 24 hours. Times seven, that's a week. But what do you do over the course of the week? How do you become a smarter person over the duration of 24 hours times seven per week?

You wake up every day, and most likely have a routine schedule, right? If you go to highschool, that routine repeats in its' algorithmic form five times a week, we can refer to that as Cycle X, then you get a break and you start a new cycle of routine for two days, we can call that Cycle Y

If you go to college it's a bit different because not every day is the same. 

If you work a 9-5 job, you work on the same Cycle X and Cycle Y idea.

If you somehow live a life where you do nothing and freely create all day and are on some sort of a support system, you're a unique outlier falling in which you live a life based off of Cycle Z.

I guess there's really three types of people. The Cycle X's who do something everyday for the same amount of time that is algorithmic, meaning it repeats in the same cycle over and over. Cycle Y people have kind of the same schedule but the times differ and the slots of activity vary. Cycle Z people create their own time slots and activity blocks. 

Let's talk about the Cycle X's because that's a life that nearly everyone either lives or can relate to. You wake up in the morning monday through friday and you go to school from 7am-2:30pm. 

If you play a sport or are dedicated to an instrument or a daily club, you probably stay at school for another two and a half hours, or you go to practice, or whatever, making your algorithmic day 7am-5pm. That's a lot of time to be dedicating yourself to a repetitive schedule. 

But chances are, if you're reading this then you aren't the star football player or the kid on the basketball team that stays at practice late perfecting their layup. If you are, thanks for tuning in. If you're not, you're back to that 7am-2:30pm rhythm. 

You go to school then you go home. Maybe you have to do an hour of homework a night, let's just say for practicality reasoning that you get that done right when you get home. It's 3:30 now every day and you have no responsibility, all you really need to do from this point on is eat dinner to stay healthy and go to bed to end the cycle and prepare for the next one to begin. 

So you have from 3:30-11pm. We're going to say 11 because I know tons of people who went to bed early all of highschool. I always stayed up until 2am and slept until 6:30 every night because I taught myself to run effectively off little sleep because less sleep = more time to work on a personal projects.



  1. 1.

    an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.


That's the definition of the word Project. Right now, you're reading a project. You're doing a project, too, because you're expanding your knowledge. 

To me, a project is mainly one of two things:

Something you work to create and bring to life or

Something you do to learn about a topic that expands your horizion of thinking, allowing you to become a smarter and more intelligent thinker, talker, and creative. 

You should look at your life in a block system. Once you read this and realize how smart it is, you may never go back to not looking at it like that, but imagine it as a block system. Let's say there's 12 blocks on top of eachother. Your life consists of a few colors:

Sleep is one color

School is one color

Necessary activities (like sports, doctors appointments, picking up your sister at dance and bringing her home, clubs you have to attend after school, all those) is one color

Eating (solid meals, not snacking) is one color

Exercise (working out, running, whatever you do to stay fit and feel good) is one color

Homework (done outside of school) can be another color because it varies day by day 

Relaxing (sitting on the couch watching tv, wasting time on your phone and laptop, procrastinating) that's another color

Personal Projects is the last one. 

I'm not going to show an example of a schedule because the point of this is for you to make your own in your head, but for me I think of each day as a bunch of blocks sitting on top of eachother, the first one denoting the time I wake up and the last one denoting the time I go to sleep. 

This is most important for people who live on the Cycle X because they are the ones with the optimal free time in which this could be good to learn about and implement. 

If you're a Cycle Y kid then you need to shape each day with a different block schedule, maybe the School blocks are different Monday than Tuesday but Monday is the same as Wednesday and Tuesday matches Thursday. Once you get older and go to college, there's a lot more unique Necessary Activity blocks like meeting with councelors or going to meetings or interviewing for jobs and Homework blocks seem to be longer and less frequent rather than a fourth of a block each day. 

If you're a Cycle Z kid then you are unique and you don't have the School function block. Since you don't have the School block that means that you're alreay preoccupied with a big personal project. Maybe you're an internet kid who dropped out of highschool or didnt go to college with the hope of hosting nation wide meet and greets. I think that's such an awful life goal and aspiration, but some of the Cycle Z kids that I know do stuff like that. Chances are, like the star basketball player, you're not in this category if you're reading this excerpt. 

So we'll start with the basics, here. You need to sleep. It has to happen. Google is informing me that

Adolescents are notorious for not getting enough sleep. The average amount of sleep that teenagers get is between 7 and 7 ¼ hours. However, they need between 9 and 9 ½ hours (studies show that most teenagers need exactly 9 ¼ hours of sleep).


So be it, we're already not sleeping enough. So you might as well should learn from this and sleep less. But before you can do that, you need to learn the importance of the project. Remember we quoted it up there, thanks to google yet again. 

So sleeping is a must. Let's say you need 7 hours of sleep. That means you can go to bed each night at midnight and wake up at 7am and be not only healthy, but well slept enough to retain and understand stuff at school early in the morning. Please listen in class. There's nothing worse than the kid who just got by in highschool. Learn as much as you can, that's the most important thing in this world. Knowledge. 

So you block in 7 of the 24 hours to sleep. You wake up, and you fill the beginning of the day with that School color block. Maybe sleep is green and school is red. Also I look at things on two different block scales because I work differently during the day when the sun is up than I do at night. I've always been more productive at night. I don't know why but I don't have motivation to work on personal projects when the sun is up. That's why I always filled my School, Necessary Activity, and Homework colors in before 5pm so I had all the free time for personal stuff all night. Oh yeah, eating is a small block that comes right after you wake up and before you go to school. The blocks can be filled with more than one color, since we have 12 blocks that means each of them is worth 2 hours. So if homework takes you 30 minutes you only are mentally filling one fourth of a box with the Homework color, maybe it's yellow. So you do everything you gotta do right when you get home. Maybe you do maybe you don't. I don't know your scheduling and how you like to do it. Maybe you do homework right before bed, i mean a lot of people do that i remember doing that. I do that in college too, I usually have a week to do an assignment and I do it the night before it's due. I think, well, everyone does this in college. I could be wrong. I'm probably right. 

So if you do a sport or a club, you're chart is probabyl filled with School, Sport, Dinner. That's the everyday. 

Back to blocking. Around like 5 or 6, you need to fill the Food color back into your blocking system because you need to eat at night. 

So after dinner you have a period of time where you chill before you go to bed. I guess there's two types of approaches to this time frame and they'll never be the same every day: the Do Alot Of Stuff Then Go To Bed or the Do Nothing Then Sleep Early. Maybe you need to clean your room. Maybe you need to hangout with your family. I never had a big family so I never did that stuff but i know kids that did. But after that is a block of time that you should fill with Personal Projects. And to do that, you need to first figure out some ideas to do for your Personal Projects. 

OHKAY was my major highschool project. I would work on it every day after school because it was my fulltime job in highschool, but it started at my 6pm-2am project on my computer every night. I used to carefully plan out how I was going to make this brand and what it was one day going to look like. In highschool I would play sports then go home and go straight to my projects. Every night if I wasn't working on something on my laptop, I was reading. Books, the newspaper, blogs of people I liked, watching youtube videos about life, everything. I was expanding my knowledge horizons.

So for you Cycle X kids, there's a block of time every day where you can bring something to life or learn about something new. That's called my Free Time. Some kids in their free time watch what the world is doing and what their friends are up to via Snapchat. Guess what. Stop Watching Snapchat Stories For Hours A Day. Stop scrolling on Instagram for an hour. Stop watching as the world creates stuff. In this internet shit there's two teams: the PLAYERS and the WATCHERS. 

I bet you look up to a few people. You watch what they do. You see their moves and you analyze them. That's cool, but only if its' inspiring you. If someone isn't inspiring you in some way, but their contribution to the social feed out of your life. Spend less time investing in lame people and more time making Being YOU The New Cool. 

Once upon a time I read something that said "Make Being You The New Cool". and guess what. At that point in time I realized "shit, i need to spend less time caring what other people are up to and spending more time doing stuff for myself". 

And after that, I started focusing on personal projects.

Some are bigger than others. This blog is a small one since it takes me only an hour to write up. Shipping out 24 striped tees today was a pretty long, block and a half personal project, reading a book that i'm super into falls under that category too.

So you need to figure out what you like doing. Maybe it's writing. Since I have personal project time lately and I've been super into writing, I've been focusing on bringing more knowledge to life. Clothes too, I've been working every day of the week to bring a new project and a new piece to drop each sunday night. My brand is an ongoing personal project but it keeps my creativity in flow

If you don't do anything cool, you lose touch with your creativity. It happens to everyone, it's called a creativity block. 

So find something you like doing, and do it. Lots of it. Write. Go read books. Think about how the books impact you and how you think. Read Perks Of Being A Wallflower if you want to get a sense of how an author can create such a unique character and evoke emotions. Read a book like Blink by Malcolm Gladwell if you want to start thinking from different points of views. Read this silly stuff that I write. I don't know. But do stuff that is going to enhance how you think. Then talk about it. Share it online or tell your friends in school. The more you talk about stuff you learned, the more you can craft how you understand it. Like when you learn a new math equation or finally understand how to do it, the more you talk about it and work with it, the more it becomes natural. The more you elaborate on new findings, readings, ideas, whatever, the more you understand from the core what they mean.

If you're going to create stuff, do it every night. Replace the two hours you spend on the couch half watching TV half scrolling on your phone with something big. Think of a project that you can work at for a few hours each night. Block that into your schedule. Do something. Bring something to life. Work on something that you can put down at any point and pick up the next day, play some good tracks, and get right back into. 

If you don't know what it is that you want to do, go watch some youtube videos. I know kids who (and i'm working on blocking this in) watch an hour of informative youtube every night. Interviews on people they admire, informative videos from people they've never met, tutorials that teach them how to do things they don't know how to do.

I wish i could share all my knowledge with you but there's so many fields and different deep concepts that it would take years. but stuff like this is the start. 

you need to realize that there's a period of each day, after your homework is finished and before you go to bed that you have as free time. the best way to become smarter and more unique is by spending that wisely. do as much as you possibly can in those few hours. don't do it to necessarily say you did it. don't go make moves and learn stuff just so you can tweet about how you're so smart. become so smart, then let people realize you're so smart. 

It's kind of like a life hack because everyone around you in school and in life is going to go home and scroll on their phones aimlessly each night bringing nothing but "did you see what ____ did and posted on their finsta??? omg how dare they" to the table. Guess what. In the real world, no one gives a fuck what ____ did. No one saw what ____ did because _____ isn't you and _____ is irrelevant. Maybe it'll be cool if someone talks about your personal projects one day in nice light.

Also another good piece of advice is to understand something that will forever resonate with me and a very cool person named Ray brought this to the table recently and it's stuck with me over the past few days.

It's to remember that your idols once have idols exactly like you have idols.


That doesn't fit much to this concept but if you ever want to be like your idols, you have to work hard, because chances are if they're your idol, you look up to them because they've done something unique. No one idolizes the lame kid that does the same stuff everyone else does. Those people are just the watchers in society. The real players are the ones that have eyes on them at all times. The watchers work on personal projects and work hard to differentiate themselves from everyone else. I don't care about the internet world too much but I'm making sure that I use my power and my reach and my brand and my name to spread knowledge and to help redefine the meaning of life and the menatlity of some of you people because stuff like the Block Schedule, I learned later on, like during senior year of highschool, yet if I learned that sutff young I would have started this life so much earlier.

So yeah. Work on personal stuff. Learn more. Expand. Spend less time scrolling and more time doing. Read more books. Expand your mind. You have around 4 hours a day of Free Time and if you spend atleast two of those on becoming a smarter person now, you'll thank me in the long run. 

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