Short Chapters, Effective Meanings

It's all one big book of life, right? 

All of this. It's why we keep diaries and why we upload photos to instagram and why our tweets have time stamps on them. The beautiful part about this digital age we inhabit is the fact that we are spending each day adding to the pages of our scrapbook. 

Every photo. Every post. Every emotion we sink into something online, it's part of the scrapbook. Maybe yours is private or maybe there isn't a ton of content. It's cool. That's the fun of it. You get to choose what you want to add and how you want to add it. 

But it goes beyond that. I guess I always looked at it in chapters. Everything. 

Each year is its' own part to the everlasting story and within that the story breaks up into chapters. 

Each chapter has its' own vibe. Its own rhythm. Maybe every day of first semester you have a certain class, then second semester you never meet again. Maybe you go to soccer practice every day in the spring and when the season is over you're stuck changing the page. 

Everything is a chapter in itself. I never brought up this idea to think about, mainly because I haven't turned the page and started a new chapter in a while. 

But for me today, I ended my second trimester of freshman year. My school is on a trimester schedule so tomorrow morning. Well. It's 3am and I'm in the library and I just studied for five hours and I thought writing would be cool to forget about everything I studied. But in the morning I have a final. Then I go get on a plane and I go back to Boston for the first time since Christmas. I'll see my mom real quick. Stay at home for a night. Then get on another plane and head off to London to work on a new project with the gang out there. 

But chapters for me move fast. My school trimesters are ten weeks long, so I'm learning an entire years worth of highschool work and real world experience in ten weeks. Then I take exams, prove I've learned a lot about brands and advertising and some random stuff like intercultural communication, then I leave. But it's wild. i become best friends with all these people in my classes. I wake up excited to see them. I become close with my teachers. I have a special seat at my desk. I flip my pen a certain way and people just know it's me. Then one day, you take an exam, say bye, and you never see those people ever again.


You'll never ever be in the same seat. In the same class. With the same teacher and the same people around you. Ever. That chapter is over. Even if it was your favorite chapter. It's over! The page turns, if you like it or not. 

And that's something I sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around. 

And i think that's why I'm so vocal about my life. Like i write these and I post photos on my instagram pages and all the OHKAY tees we print have the month they were made in the neck tag and everything is dated because each month is a chapter of a story that is moving very fast. 

So maybe that's something to look at. Everything you put time into, everything you care about that happens in a cycle, eventually comes to an end. 

Like I'll never ever forget my last real night of high school. 

My school rented out this giant place and the entire grade went and we stayed overnight. 

It was like this facility with a giant 8 court gym and a big pool and endless floors of just fun stuff to do like tennis courts and we had blow up slides and stuff. It was wild. I loved it. The entire grade went. For the first time in four years, everyone looked around, and we were all like wow, i'm going to miss all these people! And I do, too. Like I said in the high school blog, cherish that while you can because one day the chapter closes and the book shuts and you sadly can never go back and edit those old pages. The morning had came and we had all stayed up all night. It was like one big party but with the entire grade sanctioned by the grade itself. We took a bus to this place called The Yacht Club. We had a breakfast there. We were all tired, but it was the true last hoorah. We all went outside and watched the sun rise. It was one of those sights that no photo could explain. It was every color the sky could have been. Every shade of red. Every orange peeking through the sun shot clouds. Every pink ray of sunshine blasting off the few clouds. Boats all around us. The lighthouse light spinning, endlessly, in the distance. The air somewhat brisk. The summer day approaching, but still far enough into hiding that the moss shined on the grass. We just stood there. Together. Staring. 

It was the best way to end the best chapter. The imagery was there. The meaning was implicit yet amongst everyone. Like a beautiful story. I hope you can imagine it. And if you can't. Just think of 300 people that had all hated eachother at one point in time, or two or three points. 300 people of all walks of life. 300 people with different backgrounds and different interests. All, finally, happy, together. Watching the morning rise. Knowing the story was closing for all of us. Knowing we'd never be able to go back and edit any of those pages. It was beautiful. 

But it happens all the time in life. I had a class with all seniors. I had two, actually. I got put into these high level courses because the professors at school know that I know what i'm doing and that i don't need intro level courses to brands and managment. I do all of that without the college bullshit. So today we presented our final. A ten minute presentation with our group on a start up idea we had. We made an app. It was cool. Maybe one day we'll make it for real. We got an A, the class clapped at the end, the professor came over and shook our hands. Then the class ended. The group of five seniors I had worked so hard with over the past five weeks. We stood there smiling, happy that our product was worth a laugh or two and an impressed look on the professors' face. 
"It's been a fun ride" I told them. We all laughed and talked about our plans for the future

"I'm off to grad school!" my one friend said 

"I got my job starting in a few weeks! $50,000 a year, boys!" my other friend said

"Well, I still need to turn nineteen and figure my life out" I said, laughing to them. 

"It's been real, guys" i added. "Best of luck in the real world. Do Cool Shit" I told them.

"You too man" they added as the four of them walked off to the elevator.

It was crazy to think about 

I'll never ever see these people again. Anyone from my class. Probably not my professor either!

They're off. To big big chapters. While they close their big book of college, I close my big book of second semester of freshman year.

I got an email from my Intercultural Communication teacher earlier. I guess thats' what prompted me to write this. It read 

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your good attendance and outstanding participation. I've really enjoyed getting to know you this quarter. You crack me up. It has been so funny when you've used terms such a "sick" at the same time that you've added thoughtful and substantive comments to our class discussions. You're one crazy kid and whatever you got going on in that head of yours, it's certainly working. You can sit there and draw hoodie designs all class and get an A on every exam without even looking like you tried one bit. I'm going to miss coming in and listening to your crazy responses. Next time you go home to Boston, please give my love to Emerson College. As you may remember, I attended Emerson College's European Institute for International Communication in the spring semester of 1994. Have a great spring break!




I read that and i was like damn dude. Can I go in and give her a hug? Or like maybe a hoodie or something? Would she wear a hoodie I gave her? No, but like would she laugh every time she saw it in her closet? Definitely! Like that shit was so meaningful! She paid attention to me drawing my stuff. Granted I sat front row and answered every question that no one could find the answer to, but still. Like you don't understand that shit till it's presented to you. You don't get the importance of short term relationships until their gone. Even if it's just saying hi to the kid you sit next to in class. That's cool. Do that shit! Hug them once a week. I don't know! Tell your teachers you appreciate them because once the chapter ends, you'll never be able to go back and look at them how you did. And maybe your highschool classes suck. Some of mine did sometimes, too. But like once they're over you're going to miss them. And you're going to miss your friends. Just like I miss mine. And you're going to move on to a new chapter and everything is going to be different. Each one will change and you'll move fast. 

Maybe you'll go to a school where you'll never even get to talk one on one with your professor or maybe you don't go to school and you never really get a genuine mentor ever again.

Or like maybe one of your friends move from your town or they go to college and you wish you had been with them more. 

That shit happens. Live moves very fast, let me tell you. 

And the world is going to keep moving and the cities are going to keep growing and the people are going to keep learning and smiling and crying and doing their daily activities,

with or without you.

So make the most out of every single chapter. And find the true meaning in the fine lines. Dig through the text of life and just find the shit that matters. Maybe this matters to you and this brand matter. If so, that's sick to me because this matters so much to me because OHKAY is one big chapter that overlaps throughout a lot of my major chapters, growing and expanding in each and every chapter.

And I'm excited because I get to write a really cool chapter next week in London. 

We made this really cool hoodie. And converse gave us 100 shoes to play with. And I designed these chains. And i'm shooting a campaign for all of them in london with the london people ahhhh i'm so excited. at the end of next week someone tell me to make sure I write about my week. Because over december when i was in london i had the best week of my life but i never wrote about it. and i wish i could have written every detail. But over time if you don't write right after something happens, you lose touch. 

And i remember sitting in the library 

The night before my first quarter of freshman year ended 

right before thanksgiving 

wishing I had time to write

Because first quarter was the best time of my life 

But I didn't 

And I was always mad at myself for it

I had designed the Fall 2016 stuff and it sold out 

and i packaged 125 orders out of my dorm room that week

and i had like 20 more to do before i left 

do you know how long it takes to do 20 orders in a dorm room?

like 3 hours by yourself 

But i do it 

every few days 

because that's what the brand is for 

sharing this idea 

with the world

But I was dating this girl at the time at school

And we wanted to spend the last night together

And we did and it was cute and i really liked her 

long story short we don't date anymore 

and she sleeps with my close friend 

and I learned that this quarter i needed to learn

to focus on myself 

because i had never done that before 

like i never went home in highschool and just sat there alone 

or thought about stuff or drew 

but this quarter i did

and i learned so much

and i did a lot for the brand 

and did a lot for myself and for my happiness

and did my fair share of partying 

and "college"

and traveling 

I was in LA for a bit and New York

but traveling taught me

that I love college

and I love having a dorm with tons of boxes of clothes I've made 

and I love spending time alone sometimes

and I love writing 

and I love designing stuff and I love writing people's names on envelopes

to send them stickers

yo since we put that on the site where you can like submitt your name and we send u free stickers we got 325 names. It kinda sucks because each stamp costs 50 cents so ive spent like $200 on that but it's cool hopefully people buy the new stuff we release so we can still do cool stuff like that

but it's so cool when people hit me up like 'yo you inspire me so much'

like fuck thank you!!!!!! yes!!!!! it is working!!!! you people are learning to be better people!!!!

that's why this all exists!!!!!! most brands want your money and nothing else!!!!! but this shit is by the kids for the kids fuck all that industry stuff!!!! 

i don't want to pay to get my clothes on Rihanna like these other clowns 

that shit is corny! if people like stuff they'll buy it and wear it

and were making tons of cool unisex stuff for summer 

bc a lot of the new stuff is going to be pricey

 but meaningful

so buy it if you have the money

or if your parents let you 


but just like be happy


thats all i ask

and cherish your time on this earth



also if you've read all of this comment down below 

omg i sound like a shitty youtuber

i'm sorry hahahaahh 

but hey

remind me to write!!! about london~~~~



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