Life I Guess Right Now

It's about to be three in the morning and I don't think I've had a good night sleep in just about two weeks and everything is so go-go-go and it's so exhilerating lately. 

I've gotten into a groove. I wrote a week or two ago about how the reason I wasn't doing much in September and the reason we were slow with the brand was because we were finding our groove. 

Now it's the end of October and we are finally moved into our new apartment, we've got an office to ship and handle the OHKAY stuff out of, school is in full swing, and we've been traveling just about every weekend. 

It's a little wild, and a (lot) hectic, but all of that is so much fun to me. 

Like every time I sit down in bed I get so mad because it's like I'm wasting time. 

I hate sleeping - it's a pet peeve of mine. If i could sit at my computer and work on learning new things and understanding new aspects of business and design for 24 hours a day - I would sell my bed and buy another computer. But guess what - life doesn't work that way, right? 

Brand Update: Really fun week-or-so. I feel like I'm reporting my revenues and stocks to some big database being like "oh, well, we did really good in this sector of the business this week" as if i'm wearing some crazy business suit or something

But yeah it was really exciting for us. For me, mainly - because it put us back in rotation.

We hadn't been putting out any clothes for a little while since the last party we threw in Boston, and it was really driving me crazy because when we don't put out clothes, we don't put out much content, and to some people, it looks like we're not caring about the brand from an owner's point of view.

So I sat down and I said "Ok guys - look - we have some blanks that we had made in Florida over the summer, I'm going to print them and just put them out randomly one night"

I think Trey said something along the lines of " whaaaat theeeee helllll are you thinking " 

And then the inner-me was like "whaaaat theeee hellll are weeee thinking "

And then the creative in me was like "ok open up new photoshop document > Import photo of blank hoodie > start designing" 

It was like four hours later and I was on the way to the print shop with the files.

We ended up printing them the next day.

Talk about fast turn around time, right? 

I had them for like two days. Serafina had flown in from New York to spend the weekend so we had gone on a date to this resteraunt in the city and I'm sitting there like "how do I market these things"

We had 24 hoodies, 8 sample tees, and 2 random one-offs. 

Then I was like - we won't market them! Excuse my french but like "fuck it why not post it and see if people buy them or whatever"

So what did we do? We went home, I had my friend Brandon stand infront of this wall in my house, I put him in a hoodie and got my point and shoot camera, and I shot this: 


I put them all online that night - the hoodies and the tees, posted once on the OHKAY Instagram page, and let it be. 

The hoodies were specially made in Florida. They started off as a blank white hoodie and then they got dyed in this special machine and since we hand printed them ourselves, I was like well $68 is a good price for them.

All the hoodies sold out in like 3 hours.

So I was pumped. We got right back into the swing of things. We had 38 hoodies packaged and shipped out 12 hours after people ordered them. 

A really good friend of mine Roy Purdy came to Chicago to work on a project he's doing with a big company (it's so sick) so he actually stayed at our place for a little while and we hungout for a few days. Look at that - another photo infront of the white wall in the hallway. Hahaha what is funny about this is the fact that to take this photo, whoever is holding the camera has to stand in the bathroom and take it from like the sink. But it works out well, looks like a studio, doesn't it!? 


Roy stayed for a bit and we went out a few nights and hungout with some people in the city and just enjoyed Chicago. It was a genuine time. Him and i are going to work on some cool projects in the near future. That's for certain.


Roy On My Roof : By me on Point and Shoot

I also had midterms all week, too. It really taught me that college is corny but college is really cool. Like I stayed up every night until like 5 in the morning just studying, making sure I knew everything head to toe about Accounting, Quantitative Reasoning, Writing for PR, and Business Law.

And it all paid off, too. I got 3 A's and one 82. It was a rough 82 but atleast it wasn't a tough 62. I don't think a B is going to kill me in life. Usually we all shoot for A's but life goes on. 

If you're reading this, know that it's cool to be smart and it's cool to get good grades. I know a lot of kids on the internet are out there preaching "yeah fuck school go drop out and get a chain and get 'clout' fuck an education"

but lol what is going to happen when Instagram isn't what the world revolves around? What happens when you're 26 and no brand wants to work with you because you have no degree and no experience in the field, and all you have is 100,000 followers?

You get me? Be smart, try hard, be versatile. Learn and Live. All at Once. 

What else is there. Oh, Trey and I got invited this weekend to go to Detroit Michigan to tour the StockX Headquarters. It was an awesome event and I'm going to write an entire piece on it so I won't get too in depth about it. 

Also, yesterday I did some interview for this series called The Modern Spaceman. It was featuring me and my friend Ethan, who a lot of people know as Carl from Shameless. 

It's going to premier sometime this week, and I'll write an entire piece about it. 


Aside from that, all I really have to say is that we've designed some new fun pieces that we plan to drop on Halloween. I worked on sourcing this really cool 3M material for a tee and a hoodie. And we got a cool graphic tee and a really cool white crewneck with some print on the front. I'm not going to talk about what it all is because you can see that all for yourself. 

We're going to LA this weekend to go do some stuff. 

We're going to shoot the new pieces out in LA. I'm really excited. It should be a really fun time. 

But it's a little past three in the morning, and I have come to learn that I really like Jazz music. 

I'm so done with rap music. It's so garbage. It's just so boring and annoying and repetitive and I can't get anything done when I'm listening to rap unless it's when I'm in my car driving. But I've just been testing out different types of music to see which of them I can write and create best with. 

I met these really cool producers this weekend - like TV show type producer people. They invited me to dinner after a project we worked on. Basically I told them : 

I want to start a youtube series 

I need mentorship in the industry

I want to learn how to write a book.

So - we're going to sit down and figure out how to bring the three of those to life. Most likely, in that order. 

So yeah - I've got to go to bed because I need to be in class somewhat early and then I've got plans all day. I've been using my camera more often and shooting more so sometime this week I'm going to try to create a section of the website where it just showcases all the stuff I've been shooting. 

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