Inevitable Hate

Keeping this short and simple. 

No matter what you do that isn't "regular", you're going to get hate for it. 


When I first stared OHKAY in highschool, so many people used to hate on it. When I say so many, I mean SO many people. I was like working hard making sure this brand could turn out how it has (and trust me that didn't happen over night) and i took so much hate for it. I never used to wear stuff I'd make to school because I was mad self conscious and if you know me you're probably thinking wow he's way too outgoing and confident to ever care what other people think.

But at some points in the beginning I did. Then as time went on, it all became so clear. 

Everyone lives in their own little bubble. In highschool and in small towns, that is. You know what I mean. The football kids never usually play in the band, those are two different bubbles. The math team kids aren't usually the ones throwing the parties on the weekends, two big bubbles that rarely intersect. The algorithmic highschool life is one big bubble. You go to school you play sports maybe you're forced to take an art class or two over the duration of your four years, then most people go off to regular colleges and learn and party for four years then they start their life at 22.

But let's say you just started your life now. You're pursuing your idea, like I did with OHKAY. Maybe you're 15 maybe you're 20. But guess what, any time you do ANYTHING that ISN'T "regular" or "normal" , you're going to have people laugh and hate you. 

BUT. What i've learned is the same kids that made fun of me or joked about OHKAY last year, are the kids who are working minimum wage jobs watching everyone in the world have fun. 

The same kids that hate on you are the ones who will never leave this country, especcially not when they're 18. They'll never have internet friends. They'll never couch surf in LA and New York. They'll never meet Kanye or Ian or anyone. They don't care about that stuff. Because the haters are the same suss kids who do nothing and care about nothing. And I never understood why they didn't just like back my ideas and support stuff, but they just didn't 

So you need to realize that if you have an idea, you're going to get shit for it. You're going to get laughed at. But the most important thing is to just keep quiet and laugh to yourself at that stuff. Trust me. Because if you work hard for something and care about it, it'll come to life no matter what the lame kids say. 

And one day the same kids who laughed at you are going to want to see how you're doing and hit you up on Facebook but guess what they're probably still in the same place they were one year ago, doing little to nothing, wishing they were seeing the world and inspiring others. That's how it is for me, that is. 

And, no matter where you go, once you get into an enviornment where everyone kind of starts equally, reputation and career wise, and you prove you're more than normal, people get mad. I got to college and within a few months I knew a lot of kids who genuinely support the brand and back it 100% and stand by the vision, and I know kids who hate on me and tell people it's just some "gay brand that kid makes" but those kids, the ones saying that, are the same kids who are working $10 an hour jobs to party on the weekends because they don't have ideas, they don't inspire anyone, they don't do anything to change the world. what so ever. And they suck. But it's cool. Because we don't. 

For me in life. I just know that if you don't fuck with me you don't fuck with yourself. End of story. Fight through the hate. They laugh now you'll laugh later. Don't think too hard about it, just tell them they suck then go make something :)

ok cool

and if you don't like me and you're reading this you need to look at your life, where you've been, who you got on your team, how many people you've inspired, then think about how you just wasted time out of your day reading how I am the happiest teenager in the world and you are certainly now. : - ))))

talk less do more. love Chris.

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