Ending Highschool

I woke up early this morning and sat on bed reading twitter (as I usually do) and this one tweet really hit me. Usually it's all good memes, love, and games on twitter until someone gets butthurt and starts being woke but this one was real life good. 


Random twitter user Nate Hobs tweeted: 

"Dear seniors, as you start your last semester of high school, my advice is to live in the moment. This is the last time you will see everyone you’ve grown up with. Enjoy all the “lasts” and make every moment a great one. Soon, your life will be changed forever."

He followed it up with a reply to his original tweet reading: 

"All of you are desperately wishing graduation would come faster, but trust me, you don’t want to waste this last semester. Go live your last moments of adolescence with the people you love and have known forever. -A college student"

I read that and sat there thinking about how true it all was. I went on to tweet about how sometimes I wished I was still in highschool. A bunch of people DM'd me right away being like "you do so much stuff and you travel and have a great life why do you wish you were back in highschool?" 

And the main answer to that is, mainly because, once you leave high school life will never be the same. Ever.

You're a high school student. Think about it, every single day you wake up at the same time, get to school the same way, go to the same classes, see the same 1,000 people, communicate with the same teachers, play the same sport a full season long, leave school every day, do the same after-school routine, do your homework at night, sleep, repeat. 

I know - it doesn't seem all that fun. And I get it - it's not the most exciting thing in the world.

But there's more to it.

The ending phase of highschool is the most monumental time in your teenage years. 


Finding a prom date

Going to Prom.  

Playing that last spring sport season.

Driving to school with your friends and not worrying what time you show up. 

Causing endless mayhem in the parking lot before and after school. 

The rules being bent in every direction because you can say some stupid shit like "There's only two weeks left, what are you going to do suspend me?" as you laugh and walk down the hall. 

Going to the prom after party. 

Probably blacking out at the prom after party.

Taking your last sort of exams.

Getting senior superlatives. 

That really stupid senior prank. 

Being with all your friends every day in school.

Even just talking with everyone you grew up with every day in school

It's the point in the year where you're just about real-life friends with your teachers and you're ready to add them on Facebook.

Everyone's getting in college.

Everyone's getting college hoodies....and wearing them too often.

AP exams come. 

You stress endlessly about your AP exams.

You review a lot.

You take them.

You realize you'll never visit Physics (or whatever) on an AP level ever again in your life.

You laugh, throw your notebooks out, and say goodbye to your class.

You have all those parties in your classes where everyone brings in the food and soda and stuff. 

People's parents go away and everyone has those parties at their house they always grew up imagining they'd throw 

It's spring and it gets dark at 9pm every day.

There's no reason to do homework - the school year is almost over. 

You're out until 11 every night and you're back up at 6 to do it again. 

You live like the middle scenes in Perks Of Being A Wallflower. 

You know what college you're going to. 

You probably are already looking for roommates on the facebook page. 

You understand that you no longer are going to live in the bubble of your small home town. 

You start to wake up with less stress and more excitement about life.

You drive slower to school and pick up all your friends because what are they going to do... suspend you for being late???

Suddenly calculus becomes useless, you no longer need US History, senior english class was only good for writing your college essays, you'll never take gym class again in your life. It all just starts to mold into something you're done with now that you've finished.

It all comes so fast. 

Then one day you wake up and put on a really long dress-like silk robe. You probably decorated your hat in one of your classes. Everyone assembles in a gym or outside on a pretty field. There's a lot of balloons all over the place. Everyone's happy. Everyone brings their family and they all watch as you end the most developmental chapter in your life thus far.

They call your name, you probably do everything in your power to not crack a smile. You know exactly what's about to happen.

 You walk up on the stage, shake a few hands, get your diploma, wave to your friends, give a big smile to your family, walk back to your seat, then cheer for each and every one of your friends that gets called after you.

Someone probably throws a party that night, you get drunk with all your friends and their parents. 

You stay up all night long with all your friends and tell stories about being young, growing up, and what it's going to be like to be old. 

You wait for the sun to rise and you go back to your highschool

You sit on the football field for a few minutes with everyone - and most of it sinks in at this point. 

The sun is rising and you don't have to walk back into school. There's no more class. 

You just become a story for the teachers to tell and the kids of the future to hear about. 

Your face gets slapped in a yearbook and you may only be remembered as your senior quote. 

The sun rises and you're still on the track. 

You run up and down the bleachers screaming to your friends. 

You do a final lap around the track. 

It might or might not hit you --

High school is over. 


For me, it felt a lot like this on the final night 

And after that day - everything changes.

You wake up and it's summer. You're a high school graduate.  You're a figure of the past, and a person who quite frankly now has to fear and attack the future. 

It's so bizarre to say, but it's true, your life after that day will never be the same. 

You'll never be able to replicate those feelings. 

You'll never have an adolescent phase of innocence as large and impactful as that one. 

You'll never be close friends with the people who teach your classes.

You'll never play on a committed sports team again, unless you do it in college. 

You'll never wake up at 6 and leisurely drive to school vaping in the parking lot with all your friends. 

You have to go to college and you have to make new friends and you have to live in a dorm and you have to understand that it might not be the smartest move to go to a party on a tuesday night and you have to stay up until 5am to study for finals and you have to eat on a meal plan and you might fall in love then get your heart broken then you might go broke and then make some new friends and get rich or you might join a fraternity or sorority and become the coolest kid just like in high school. It's college now, and everything is different. Yes, you're grown up, and it's much more mature. You pick when to go to bed, you pick when to wake up. It's on you - not anyone else. It's fun. It's fast. Its aggressive at times and it's a lot to handle. You better strap in becuase it's not high school - it's real life. You can't really copy anyone's homework becuase homework means nothing in college. It's tests and exams, and guess what, the person sitting next to you doesn't have the same questions as you. Everyone's exams are different. It's a hard realm. Finessing becomes tough and scheming becomes a game. You'll download tinder and you'll stay up-to-date on Facebook. You'll use instagram to get big or you'll end up on private and just post pictures of you and your new college friends to show off to your high school friends. 

You'll meet people from all over the world. 

You'll forget about your high school experience, and soon enough you'll have too much to worry about to even think back on it. 

But you'll always remember the feeling. 

Of the last couple of nights. 

When nothing really mattered.

And all you lived for was graduating and laughing with your friends.

And the smile you give your family when you get the diploma

And the last lap on the track. 

And the sun rising over the football field. 



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