Ok so I kept on saying I would write more then I do so much during the day and I sit in bed at night like damn another day and not another blog.

I don't really know what to write about. I had a bunch of good ideas in my head earlier today like talking about college and talking about not hating people and stuff but I'll save them for another time.

I'm a really weird kid. I really am. I might look cool and seem smart and yeah I got this clothing business going and stuff but i'm super weird. I never knew I loved being at home. Maybe this blog will just be a bunch of thoughts that come to my mind while I listen to 1500 by Lil Yachty and Burberry Perry.

It's December 15th

That's the halfway mark of the month. Which means the halfway mark to my break.

I do go to college. A lot of people think I just travel the world and make a lot of money doing brand stuff but that's not the case. I'm a pretty average 18 year old I just don't go to some Top Ten school in the middle of cornfields with big football games and concrete dorm rooms that people drink in biweekly. I never wanted that. I always wanted more. So yeah, I went out and got more. I moved to a big city. I saw the world. I got my money and got my plane tickets. I got my new clothes I kept my old ones. I got my new friends and I kept my old ones. I didn't mean to put clothes infront of friends. It's not like that. Well. I don't know. Sometimes it is. Sometimes I like clothes more than I like friends. See, I told you. I'm A Weirdo. 

But yeah. My school is one of fifteen in the country that has a weird Christmas break. We have from Thanksgiving to New Years off. Usually, college kids will go to school then come home for Thanksgiving then go back to school for two weeks for finals then come home for the rest of December into half of January. For me it's the same time off just in a different time frame. So basically I never went back after Thanksgiving.

That makes me kind of sad because I remember my last night of my first semester. We had just released all of that Fall 2016 stuff a few weeks earlier and we were drowning in orders. When I say "we" I mean my friend Tre and I. That's my new homie. Kind of like the Intern for OHKAY at first then he signed onto the team. He helps with everything. He's in LA right now. Then again i should be there with him working on ideas but I got sick. I'll get into that. I like this writing thing. Do you read this and feel like you can hear me? That's how I type. So you can hear my voice. If you know what it sounds like, or not. So we were running around campus hitting up the production area then back to the dorm room then to the post office then back, packaging so much stuff day in day out. I kept telling myself I wanted to write out the importance of my first semester. I promised myself I would but I was up until 3am the night before my flight home getting all the packages in order and making sure all was good before I left Chicago for a bit. 

When I write, I have to get into some rhythm. I wrote all of this in under six minutes. I just start and I listen to weird bubblegum trap songs and I type. I dont really look at what I write, I look around my room or put my head down. I'm weird. I already told you that. But that's half the fun in it. 

So we released Fall then it sold out which was awesome then I left. I went home for a few days then I got on a plane and went to London. 

I can't even talk on how amazing it was because I need to make a video talking about it or something. I legit just got on a plane, took a trip to London, had NO PLANS AT ALL. NOWHERE TO STAY. NO AGENDA. Made some of the best friends in the world and had the best week ever. It was all because of clothes, too. the clothes helped make the friends. 

I brought my little point and shoot camera took over a thousand photos learned the London culture, met all the internet kids from there, had the best week ever, slept on a bunch of couches and floors, ate food with random people I met on Facebook, and went clubbing with people I'll half never remember and half never forget. 

I got home from London and I was home for like two or three days then I went to New York. 

None of my friends are home in Boston primarily becuase I don't really have friends in Boston and secondly because the real friends I do have are at college still. I still have friends past all this internet shit. Like my friends that thought I was crazy for this clothing internet shit. Those kids. I still love them even though they work at the Texas Rhode House and still call me lame for this shit. But that's what friends are for. Not everyone is going to be riding your wave but you need people driving boats left and right to you the entire way. You feel me? 

New York was pretty cool. Nothing new. Just New York. You know, like taking lots of Ubers and linking in SoHo. It felt kinda childish because I was doing that shit way last year. We went to a few clubs. Had fun. But it was cold and everyone sleeps all day and people aren't necessarily motivated to do too much in the winter time. Few days went by and I came home. 

So it was like Sunday when I got home. This was like four days ago. 

My plan was that i was going to be home sunday night monday night tuesday night then fly to LA on Wednesday and stay until Sunday. 

I didn't really know what I was going to do in LA. I was just going to go hangout with Brandon and Kevin Abstract and whoever else was around. 

So I get home from New York sunday night and I head to the production house. It's this place in my home town where we make all the OHKAY stuff. No, I don't get this shit done overseas and get it shipped in boxes to my house. I pick all the materials by hand and I get it made and sent over to my place in town and they work on the prints / details that I want. That's why the hoodies are $50 and the tees are $30. It's not some people overseas working in sweatshops. When you buy that stuff you're a) joining a brand. Which I'll talk about later or another time. Brands are everything. Then you are b) supporting my visions / creations and c) supporting local business in Danvers, Massachusetts. In the long run all of that stuff is so important if you know it or not. So next time you buy something from this website know that there's a really cool 26 year old dude who hand prints each and every thing and it comes to my house and I fold it by hand, print out the labels, make sure theres stickers in every order, package the items, then send them out to you. None of that "buy my merch off this off-brand website" shit. That's so corny. Don't buy shit from people that don't own/oporate their own company / website. Just don't. 

So I get home Sunday night and the plan was to pick up all the items for the Holiday Sale. Shoot photos of all of them in my house. Put them online. Sell them monday tuesday ship them out then bounce to LA.


Sunday comes I get all the stuff I bring it home I shoot it i put it online I launch it, we start packaging stuff right away. All 35 orders come in throughout the night we package them as they come in. I wake up monday hangout for a bit do more orders and photos for the website then I go to pick up my friend. 

I grab him to come help me then I go to Chipotle.

Biggest mistake

Chicken burrito.

Cheese, lettuce, corn, guac, lettuce, mild salsa. 

Go home, eat it. Do my thing. Package some orders.

It's like 11:30pm and I just feel super whack. 

A little while later I'm throwing up like crazy.

I try to go to bed, simply cant. i spend all night throwing up.

Tuesday comes and it's just getting worse. I felt so weak. I couldn't even make food or get out of bed. My homie came over with some medicine and some water. I puked it all up. 

Tuesday night I go to bed hoping I can get up Wednesday. All night long I was by the sink throwing up. The burrito gave me food posioning. 

So I wake up Wednesday and I couldn't make my flight. I couldn't sit on a plane for seven hours. And I didn't even have much in LA to do. I was just going to sleep on more couches. Sadly thought Brandon and I were talking to Adam22 about doing a No Jumper which I think would be so tight to do but he wasn't replying when we went to set up a time and then my flight didnt work out so i guess everything happens for a reason. I keep thinking that it was all planned out by the Adjustment Bureau and i was supposed to stay in boston this weekend.  So I ended up staying home

But it taught me that being home has never felt so good. 

I'm sitting at my house with 285 shirts folded on the floor next to me, boxes of hoodies around the office and tons of flannel pants that I want people to buy. I'm working on throwing the best party for people 21 and under in Boston in a few weeks, i'm working on a new pop up shop, i'm working on new pieces and I'm just focusing on being myself by myself for a short period of time. I just need to sit in my own bed and like enjoy sleeping and wake up and look outside from a cozy house and just not be go-go-go every minute of every day. Maybe see some people from highschool. Maybe get lunch with some of my old teachers. I don't know. I don't really have plans. At all. 

If I sit in tomorrow night on a Friday i'm cool with that. I've been around the world in like twenty days. I'm going to sit down for a bit. 

But I really do hope that we can sell all these new OHKAY pieces. I think I ordered a bit too many. There's no joke 280 shirts on the floor and that's after the first 100 orders from the past few days went out. 

Also I want to take a second to say how genuienly cool it is for me to think that people are out there asking their parents or whomever to buy them this stuff for the holidays. Just the idea that I've made something. i've made a name, a brand, and image, whatever it is. But it's so powerful and so meaningful that people actually get it for Christmas. When I was 14 and 15 I was opening Supreme clothes under my christmas tree and it was the coolest thing that I ever wished for. Then I got older and 16 and 17 it was Palace now I'm 18 and I didn't ask for a single thing for Christmas because I don't need anything. I have everything in life I need. I have a stable business with people who actually care about the brand and that's all I could have ever asked for. I got my designer clothes I got my OHKAY clothes I got my stuff my friends have made me, i got my cameras and i got my happiness and that's it. 

Instead of getting presents from my mom and my family I just asked for them to donate $500 to the food pantry in my local area because there's people out there that don't have what most people have. You might not even know it. I used to go to highschool with the coolest people and some of them would go home and struggle to get dinner. That's awful. We need to be helping communities out. We need to be donating and helping people that sometimes can't help any more than themselves. And maybe it will take someone with a voice like me to take a stand for something like that. 

So yeah. It's thursday night and I'm sitting in my living room. Right where I sat when I wrote some of the old blog posts. And older things, too. So many things have been written that i've never posted and i guess i never will.

I promise i'll sit down and write more. It's just hard to get into the rhythm of it. 

I have so much information in my head. I just don't know how to get it out to you guys. I want you all to learn from me so that when you're 17 you can do what i've done. 

If you live in Massachusetts come to our party in two weeks. There's a tab on this site for it. 

If you want a new shirt then you should order it from this website because there's lots of them and I want people who enjoy the brand to have them. I'll talk about brands this weekend or something. I have a lot to say about brands.

So for now i'm just hanging out. enjoying myself. enjoying seeing my mom and chilling at my house and driving my car and sitting in my own bed. That stuff is important man because one day when you start doing real life stuff and you gotta catch flights and you gotta be in class by a certain time every day with five papers done before midnight it gets stressful and there's no more "going home to your own bed"

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