One Thing A Day

I guess the initial question is : who do you want to make. 

Not like, what do you want to do when you're 25 (because that question is somewhat stupid and somewhat horrifying) but who, in the grand scheme of things, but what do you want to make, and who do you want to be.

Like - how do you want to take an idea and bring it to life and implement it into whatever brand you're making, idea you're working on, etc. 

One thing I always tell people and advocate for is that everyone needs their own project. Of some sort. 

Every high school in the country should have an optional class where each student learns how to make unique products of their own and finds a way to sell them online. Why? Because the internet is the largest realm of players and watchers, creators and followers, and buyers and sellers. Everything happens online. Between Twitter and Instagram alone, thousands of brands have gotten larger in the past two years than traditional brands did in 8-10 years back in the day. Overnight things go viral, thousands of people see them, and if you're creative and know how to market a product correctly, people will buy them. 

In a sense you can use the business model of OHKAY as an example here. We don't have a physical store. We only sell the brand in a few stores in the country. But we get hundreds of orders from people all over the map each month. How o they find out about the brand? From online. From people talking about it. From the website.

So if each kid learned the basic essential steps (and i'm serious they're so basic anyone can do it) (i sound like an info commercial you know those crazy ones you see on the tv late at night) but like this shit is really easy people are just too scared to try to learn and figure it out.

The internet is the hub of teenage creativity, and the incubator spot for new ideas and thoughts to process and grow on a rapid, viral level. 

The way the internet works now a days is crazy. Like there's kids who got 100,000 followers on vine back in 2015 and they're still financially stable in LA living on some mattress on a floor because they made a few products and sold them to their fans and played their cards right. 

There's kids who work every day making new things and sometimes just don't get the right exposure. I mean yeah, that kind of sucks because I wish everyone had a big outlet where their work could be seen, but in term that's not the end of the world because those kids are going to be the ones with all the immense knowledge in creating projects, making products, and manufacturing. 

I guess what I mean by that is that it's cool to have money, yeah. But it's cooler to have experience and self taught knowledge. 

No college is going to teach you how to run a brand correctly.

Why? Because the idea of "running a brand" and "making rapid sales" changes every month. 

Two / Three years ago everyone's "project" wasn't "Oh let me make a 'clothing brand' and sell a few products and put Creative Director in my bio" it was more like "what funny, catchy content can we make today to get revines and twitter followers. 

Now, it's more of like "oh, I saw so and so making it big with their brand, I want to photoshop a few designs and slap them on a shirt and say I own a brand". 

Which I have mixed opinions on, because I think it's sick that people are learning how to actually start a small scale company, but I feel bad because a lot of kids just don't know the right steps to making a brand work. 

*I'm writing a short book on how to make a brand work* 

Anyways, you need your own project. 

Whatever it is.

Find your hobby.

Then find how to monazite it. 

Don't know what "monetize it" means? In the simplest of terms, it means turn your hobby into your paycheck. 

I'll keep it simple. You like clothes.

You want to start a brand.

That's your new project. 

You make a few designs, make a few shirts, sell a few shirts, make some profit, put it back in, continue to grow. 

Thats you taking your ideas and making them physical products and selling them to real people who you've taught to enjoy the concept of the product. 

Now, you have a whole brand and people expect stuff from you.

This is where the One Thing A Day comes in.

To stay creative, and keep a constant flow of ideas running in your head,

you need to make one thing a day 

It doesn't mean go print a new shirt every day. 

It doesn't mean try to drop something new every damn day.

That'd be stupid, your designs would look like shit and people would think you're overdoing it.

But on your side of things, do one thing a day.


Design something on photoshop.

Take a YouTube class on how to get better at Adobe Illustrator.

Call up your friend and ask him where he got his cut n sew hoodies done, learn how to enhance your manufacturing. 

Start a blog, write something.

Draw in your notebook. Draw something new every day. Eventually you'll start to see some patterns, use those patterns as inspiration for new designs. You'll find your unique sense of style that way.

Add one thing to your website. 

Take a photo of someone wearing something of yours, tweet it. Maybe it'll get 1 retweet maybe it'll get 500. It doesn't matter what people think of it. You were still challenged with the task of: Here's a garment, here's a person, make this photo as visually appealing as possible while keeping it "on brand" with your project. 

Make a playlist that you can do work to. 

Post something on your brand instagram, make sure people know you're active. 

Post something on your personal instagram, make sure people know who you are. 

Put up a board in your room, or your apartment, or whatever. Put upcoming idea on that.

Random stuff, you know what I mean? Like just do something

You got like 168 hours a week, 56 you're sleeping for, 56 you're in school for, that doesn't leave much time to do what you want.

But spend like an hour a day doing your own project. 

Make a website, showcase whatever project it is. 

Just make content, make products, share content, sell products, reinvest in your ideas, and grow. 

That's how every big person started.

None of us just BOOM one day had a brand that paid the bills. 

Like everything takes time. And everything takes experience. And with experience comes trial and error. Emphasis on error. Everything we do, we fail a few times then master the next time.

It's part of live, part of growing up. 

So if you got this far, and you're thinking wow this kid just rambles nonsense, well you're correct. But this is my One Thing A Day. A writing suplement that I've made for my website that I've written at 9am at a table on my college campus listening to film scores waiting to get breakfast.

Do your one thing a day. Do it for a few days. Then you'll see how internally rewarding it is. 

Also share with us your one thing a day. 

Everyone has their own story, so we want to hear yours. 


Talk soon. 







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