House Trip To Indiana

Part of the life of mayhem and creation that I never write much about is my life when it slows down. Usually I just talk about what I'm doing or thoughts I'm having but like at the end of the day things slow down very frequently. Part of the slow sector of things is the week-day life that goes a bit like this:

I live in an apartment with 5 creative nineteen year olds inside a house of 30 guys near a train which is two stops from my school in the big city of Chicago. 

There's Trey, who is actually in Paris right now (and was supposed to come home yesterday but I guess is staying an extra week), who is my #1 best friend in Chicago and basically does everything with me. He works in clothes and design too and studies advertising and business like me.

There's Ben, who is a quirky perfect mix of a hypebeast who watches from the side-lines and a computer kid who can get every password you ever typed in before you can even tell him where you're from. He's from Indiana. He doesn't know how to properly lace up a Converse shoe, but he can 3D model an entire world to experience Virtual Reality in from our couch.

There's Andrew, a video director who makes a ton of music videos and studies film. He writes a tweet of the day on our board every morning. We watch a ton of movies together. He can also play any song you can think of on a guitar. 

There's Amal, an architect major and a twitter meme minor from Chicago who loves edgy jokes and keeps me woke when I say stupid stuff.

Then... there's me, the really odd kid who most of you probably thinks comes off as smart and can write a lot and has a brand, but secretly can't cook scrambled eggs.

I keep telling Andrew we need to make a sitcom youtube series about our house - I think at least one person would find it comical. 

But anyways, remember how I said Ben was from Indiana. Well, he's a huge Indiana fan. Loves the University of Indiana, always tells us about how crazy it is there, tells us all the friends he has there, and somehow convinces us to go to Indiana for a weekend. 

At first I was like man there's no way I'm driving four hours to go to Indiana.

Then I thought about it for a little while and realized that it's one of the biggest universities in the entire country and Ben already knows people there why not. 

Friday morning we left our house at like 11am. Drove down the highways, listened to a lot of Yung Lean, and made it into Bloomington before 4pm. 

And yes, I did have to look up where Indiana was on the map mid-drive. 

Since Ben grew up here, all his friends from high school ended up going here, and getting apartments together this year since everyone's sophomores now. 

And this really did open my eyes a lot, and I'm sure I should name this blog "THINGS I REALIZED AT A BIG SCHOOL IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE", but it made me think a whole lot about why people do what they do. 

So we spent the weekend in Indiana, right in an apartment in the middle of this ginormous campus with 50,000 kids that go there. 

And it truly was the good ol' University Experience.

I did a ton of people watching, just to see like what people wear during the day and what they wear out, and mainly like what do people do during the day. 

It was Ben, Andrew, and I. 

A few months back these kids Beam and Torbs (both have unique nick names isn't that odd) came and stayed at our place. Beam is a pretty cool kid, moderately average. No outstanding skills, a little slow - probably from excessive partying and drug consumption, and loves the app tinder. Torbs is this kid a lot more like Ben, quick thinker, very creative, and a very impressive videographer. He went on a full country tour with Austin Mahone.... Twice. Well, they stayed at our place in Chicago so we went down to stay with them. They have a full house, like not an apartment, an entire house.

They pay less for their HOUSE then we do our one floor 5 beddroom apartment, but that's because of location. 

And guess what, no one really does anything. 

The kid Torbs was working on a project he was doing for Adidas, but he's the acception. He seems to be the only person I met out of like 500 people I was with over the course of the weekend who actually worked out side of the bubble that is the University of Indiana. 

We partied, a lot

Friday and Saturday night the party portion of the night started at 7 and ended at 3am. 

It's the college you see in the movies. 

Giant house parties with people hanging off the roof. Frats that look like multi million dollar mansions. A small town within the college town that only has a customer base of college kids. And a whole lot of apartments surrounding the academic center of campus. 

After we went out all Saturday night I kept thinking "Wow, they really party". Like there was 25 different house party options we had, and we could have had the most fun possibly at every one of them. It's endless. I'm sure you could go to a house party on a Saturday at noon and it'd be packed. 

All the big name schools with good sports teams are like this.

But what really hit me was that there's 50,000 kids here, and there's a giant bubble on top of this place, and no one realizes it but the bubble keeps them all in. 

The airport was like 3 hours away by car. There's no trains. No busses. Just kids with cars and apartments and frat houses. Yeah they go to class during the week and do their homework to get by, but not much else happens outside of that schedule. You know, it's the state school life.

It seemed so sick, for a super short amount of time. To be honest I'd love to spend 2 months of my life at a school like that, I just couldn't do 4 years.

I was at this party talking to this girl and she asked where I was from and I said oh Boston but I live in Chicago now. She looked cool, she was wearing some champion hoodie and doc martins. She looked at me and was like "what is the city like?"

I'm thinking oh which city is she talking about so I ask which one

"Like......The City" she said to me. 

"I've never been to a city before. I grew up 20 minutes from here and everyone from my high school goes to this college now so we never had a reason to get out. Like I've never left Indiana" she said. 

I just about spit my drink out of my mouth in amazement and dropped the solo cup to the wooden ground.

"You've never been to a city!?" I asked, thinking I'm on an episode of PRANK'D and drunk Ashton Kutcher is about to come out and play me in beer pong or something. 

"Never! I'm a country girl!" she said while she laughed a bit. 

Part of me wanted to walk away but I was like when the hell am I ever going to find a human being who has never left Indiana again in my life -- like I need to learn so much about this girl. 

We went back and forth talking about how we grew up. My sixteen year old life was spent getting flown around to be the creative director of a hoverboard company, hers was spent driving tractors. My family works in business hers in agriculture. I want to see the world she wants to see the outcome of the next University of Indiana basketball game. 

You see how this like hit me all in the face at once? There's like real life people out there that just get stuck in their bubble. And it consumes you.

And this girl told me she's the happiest she's ever been. She has so many friends at college. Her roommate is cool, she has a job at a coffee shop on campus, and she makes enough money to drink on the weekends. She doesn't know what she wants to study but she said she'll figure it out. She's a very traditional college girl. 

During the day saturday we woke up in a house full of college kids. Some of them were like sleeping on the hard wood floor. Somehow I managed to get the pull-out couch and stand my ground until the morning. I watched a kid wake up and open a beer from his backpack and drink it. He didn't even see me watching. He just kind of --- did it. 

It's a whole different life there. And by "there" I don't mean this big school in Indiana, I mean any school under a bubble like that. I kept asking people what they were going to do all day saturday. I don't think a single person had a clue - nor did they have many options. 

Most people told me they were going to smoke weed and watch TV. This one girl said she was taking a yoga class at the gym, then she went on to tell me she was leaving there to go smoke weed. These other dudes said they were going to play basketball on these courts but told me part of the "picking teams" before they played involved everyone shotgunning 8 beers. I don't think I could shotgun 8 beers in the time someone picked teams, nor could I splash from the 3 point line without being able to tell that.... welll..... it was the three point line. 

We went out to the woods and filmed some stuff with Torbs' indie film camera. Andrew wanted to direct some slow motion aesthetically pleasing video. It's kind of just me walking through the woods. It'll be really cool I'll post it on here. 

It was cool to get out of the city and sit in the woods by this giant creek. There was a cave too. That'll be in the video. 

It was such a calming day. I'm sure whoever shotgunned 8 beers then played organized basketball had a much less calm day than me, but that's the magic of a big school. Everyone can kind of do their own thing.

Ben was amped to see all his friends from high school. 

Like we'd be driving through campus and this dude Ben knew EVERYONE. Every adult, every kid, every student, everyone.

But every time we'd walk away from someone he'd say "thank god I moved to the city and got out of here". 

I'm sure it'd be like that if I went to the state school in Massachusetts for a weekend. Probably exactly like that. 

I just like wonder over and over again what people do to expand their creativity and if people even try to make things....

Saturday night we went out to this bar / club on campus called Recess and I DJ'd for an hour with some kids that were playing. I kind of walked up and told them I could play and they let me hop on for a bit. I thought an hour was just weird because like that was half of their set but they got unlimited red bull vodkas so we were damn near doing backflips playing the new Drake song. 

There had to have been like 600+ people in that venue, it was 3 stories tall. They had flown in this DJ "4B" from Jersey to perform, he was pretty good but nothing crazy. 

We left Recess at 2am and instantly had 10 parties to go to. Those went till 5. I ended up meeting some new friends and staying at some random house for the few hours I slept. I woke up and rolled over and kind of asked the closest person to me for a ride home.

I guess it's very college to wake up in a random house next to a random person who's name you very much dont know off the top of your head and just hope you had an eventful night. 

We ended up hanging out for a few hours and driving back to Chicago.

The whole ride home I kept saying 

"Thank god I didn't go to one of those ginormous universities in the middle of nowhere" 

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