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If you've been following, we've been doing it once a month. Or, well, around that. Instead of doing 25 for March and 25 for April we just decided to put out 50 items for April since we were traveling and working on other projects and stuff. 

But what is this "ONE OF ONE" idea?

It's just something we started doing with the brand over summertime. We used to screen print on all different old vintage tees and bring them back to life and make them a part of the brand. It's evolved from screenprint to high end embroidery because if you know about production, you know that the best thing you could do on a shirt is embroider on it. Plus, most brands screenprint all their stuff and that gets boring. We thought we'd switch it up and give you something no one else is going to be able to recreate. 

OHKAY , as most of you know, is much more than some "clothing line" or some "local brand" or whaever you'd describe some mediocre brand as. It's a content creation company designed to inspire innovation in teens through the visual representation of creation, creativity, and production.

Over the past year as we've shaped the brand to what it is, we made sure never to box ourselves in. 


We never tried to be some big fashion label when we knew we weren't. 

We understood where we started and we have goals of reaching our dreams in the long run. But every step of the way we've grown and added to the storyboard and the limitless timeline.

That's a good word for all of this, limitless.

The brand itself doesn't have an explicit meaning. 

Since 2017 started, over 1,400 people have goodled "what does OHKAY mean". 

(you can use Google's SEO feature to track those analytics)

We've never come out and been like "oh, the brand solely means this"

Because there really is no this.

OHKAY is just a word that began a few years back in Boston.

We just used it as our platform. Everything we've made, we've slapped the word onto.

The stickers say it. The clothes say it. The name of the website reads it.

But it's whatever you make it out to be.

You know what I mean?

Maybe you've just come on here for the first time today

Or maybe you're someone who has read every blog, seen every piece, and has a bunch of random OHKAY stuff in their house

Maybe you're somewhere in the middle 

But either way, it's an open ended definition

One thing I know for sure, though, is that it's one of the leading online brands and websites ran solely by teenagers.

When you buy this stuff, you're supporting the teenagers behind it. You're funding the ability to create more and expand. You're giving us the ability to pay for equipment and sometimes pizza when we're all in the office drawing new stuff out.

Pizza got a little old, though.

But you know what I mean?

When you go to Pacsun in the mall and you spend $80 on a sweatshirt

That $80 goes to a corporate bank account

No one that printed those clothes sees that $80

No one that sewed the logo on sees that $80

No one that even designed it sees that $80

You give it to corporate and it dissapears

Where as when you support small brands, and youth owned companies, you're allowing for the wheel to keep turning.

Now, I'm not saying buy stuff that doesn't interest you,

Because that's not cool.

Don't do that. 

But buy stuff because you like it. And because you'll wear it, and because when you do wear it, you'll think a lot more about what's on your shirt than you do when you wear a Pacsun tee

Because you know it's all done in the USA. It's all shipped out of a dorm room in Chicago or a small office in Boston. 

And if you don't want something, scroll past it. Because there's some kid out there that does want to buy it, and who will love wearing it. 

And the One Of One thing is just a way for us to make something unique.

When you buy these items, you know that it's the only one in the world. No one will replicate it, no one can replace it, no one can offer you one just like it. 

You have a piece of time. You have a piece of this time line. You have something no one else has. And that's not something you see at Pacsun, now is it. 

We price things based off a few aspects:

Quality of the garment and year produced

How difficult it was for us to get our hands on it

If we had to go through corporate issues to put the logo on it

And uniqueness.


I hope if you get stuff from this one of one release you really like it and we always put like ten stickers in with each order so you can spread the brand to people you know and share the spirit. 

But to sum up what we spoke on previously, all this stuff is basically By Teens For Teens. We just don't say that too much because what if someone is 20 and wants to buy a shirt, can't leave them out, you know?  

If you're someone who is inspired by the brand and it means creativity and positivity, amazing.

If it's just 'some cool shirt you found online that you like', that's awesome too. 

What that logo truly means to you, well

that's up to you.

But whatever it is, 

I hope you have a good story for when someone asks "whats that on your shirt"


And we thought it'd be cool to not only embroider on them, but to screen print on all of them too. So it's really irreplaceable. 

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