Some Plans

Every single day I wake up and have so many ideas of what I want to make throughout the day and what I want to write about and who I want to talk to I just have been out of groove for a little while which of course is detremental to creativity but as always I fall out of my motion then get back in as time progresses. 

It's the winter - I really hate winter with all my heart. Every day I wake up and it's cold, and the sky is white, and the sun doesn't shine, and the city moves fast and quiet, and the night comes quick and then it lasts forever.

I wish i knew how to wake up early. Like, I did it for all four years of high school no questions asked. Somehow I was out of my house every day at like six in the morning. Well, seven. When you get to college this weird thing happens where you realize you can sleep in all the time and then you never live another 8am morning in your life. At least that's what has happend to me.  

Waking up early is a cherished trait in my eyes. The ability to be up at 8am every day would enhance my life immensely. Then again, I stay up every night until 3 or 4 in the morning then sleep until 10 then repeat. 

I really want to start a youtube channel. I just don't know what the hell I'm going to put on it. I have a few ideas. I know people are going to comment mean things on it like they do on everyone else's. I am so bad at that shit - like the internet hate thing. I get so butthurt. 

But I want it to be about teaching kids how to actually make a business and how to do it right. Becuase os many people are just making stupid clothing brands and wasting time and money and they look stupid doing it and I feel so bad because it's pretty easy if you understand the basics but then again i didn't know the basics in the beginning. I wish I had someone telling me what to do. But back when all of this started there was no manual to it. Now, everyone has a brand and it's an interesting concept to think about because that means everyone has their own business which is good because the future teenagers are going to grow up knowing how to work for themsleves compared to aspiring to be accountants and lame desk job people for the rest of their life. 

What else do I want to do. I want to read more. The more I read the better idea of writing I have. Like story writing. I don't know what the book is going to be about but every day I think about how I'm going to write the book when I decide to do it.

I'm taking a class this spring on Creating Characters. I guess we just focus on how to make impactful characters for books and movie writing. That's the only thing I don't really know what to do at this point. I don't have a set in stone cast of characters for the plot. Then again, I don't even have a concrete break down of the plot. But whatever it is, it's going to be great and I'm going to be the first internet streetwear travel the world teenager to self write and self publish a fictional novel about teenage romance. Something like that. 

I also want to re-do this website. It's kind of just getting old for me. I want a new layout and a new sleek brand image. OHKAY Spring is going to be full of new stuff so I'll probably re do the website when that time comes. 

I want to play less fortnite and maybe get my friends to go to the gym more. 

It's pretty chill to be fit.

I want to write a big thing on my advice for people who are picking colleges right now. Because college is the craziest most developmental time of your life and if you end up somewhere where you aren't happy then you're either wasting 4 years of your life and $200,000 of your parents money, or you're going to end up transferring and starting the whole "going to college" thing all over again. 

I wouldn't mind getting a job writing for a blog or something about fashion or hip hop, that might be fun. 

I'm not too good with responsibility. Like I have a bunch of people I'm doing work for but since it's all free I have little interest in putting in a lot of effort because I know that people just ask me to do stuff because they know I'm good at it - not because they have something big to offer me. 

Ovbiously I want to write more but I never find the time because I'm so bad at time management lately with school and life and stuff. 

I want to make a zine. Actually I could do that like this weekend. I probably won't. But I bet I could. 

I want to learn how to code - but I probably won't. 

I need to figure out where I'm going to go for spring break. I need to find new friends, too. 

I need to write two 10 page papers by next week, but that will be easy. School is so easy. College is so easy. Don't ever let someone tell you college is hard. It's so easy. If you pay attention and do your homework and get all your assignments turned in on time you'll get at least a B in every class. 

I don't know. I just need to learn more so I can get smarter so I can get more creative so I can write more so I can write this book so I can get a publisher so I can write another book.

I also want to make an OHKAY tour for summer and throw parties in big cities. 

I also want to run away. But I think we all do. 

I want to make a part of this website where I write about what certain albums mean to me because I have such specific memories for every album and I've wanted to do this for so long I just never did it because I suck (Like I Said Earlier). 

I don't know. I'll do all of this eventually. 

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