Welcome to the making of OHKAY Spring 2017.

Well, not so much a making, but a brief documentation segment.


The past month has been incredibly busy for us. With finishing up school, getting everything made perfectly to fit our plan and shooting everything how we want it, we haven't been missing a beat. 

And aside from that, we've spend the past two weeks designing and helping create a store for our friend JoeFreshGoods in Chicago. 

So we spend around a week and a half, all day all night just working on making the store along side our creative team at Congruent Space. Well, you know what, there's going to be a blog dedicated to that project.

So we've been busy.

Like incredibly busy.

Like wake up at 9am do stuff all day work on stuff all night go to bed at 3am sleep for a little bit wake up repeat Type Busy.

But we have this project 

And it's the Spring 2017 clothes.

And we finally got it all finished and done

And it's beautiful.

And we couldn't be happier with it.

We have chains that we got made in London. Pins that we made through a collaboration with PINTRILL in New York. Shorts that were given to use to use by Champion. A restock of socks. Koozies for summer. We finally made a bag with a shoulder strap. It's a canvas bag. We made hats, we made crop tops, and we used lots of colors. Best of all, we are using an 8 ounce shirt that was specially dyed in Los Angeles to fit the light pigment spring look we wanted to achieve. Like we really did go all out for this stuff and I'm really excited to see how the world takes it in. There's visors. There's two tone hats. There's this beautiful unisex vibrant color hoodie. I wore it today in the back of this Vic Mensa music video shoot. He said "bro you're really weird and that hoodie is even weirder but that's why I like you". You probably won't be saying that but hey it's beautiful. And all this stuff is so much higher quality than awful Gildan tees and hoodies. Trust me. YOu're going to get this stuff and say wow they actually put in genuine time to produce this and make it more than a random shirt. Like it's something we want you to love and take care of. There's so much stuff. 


And we expected to release it Monday the 29th then we moved that back because we stressed out about not being able to present it in the prettiest way possible.

And you might not think about it this way, but a big part of branding and doing this stuff is presentation.

Like you could make the coolest t shirt design in the world but if you don't shoot photos of it correctly and you don't showcase it in a unique way, no one's buying your shirt.

So we wanted to give ourselves a few days to shoot some photos and get everything right.

Today we got to this studio at 9pm shot till 12pm worked on some website stuff, edited photos till 3am now i'm writing this as everyone else catches up on much needed sleep. 

But we put out a form of the "lookbook" so you could say.

And that's a really weird term to me.

Because the point of a lookbook is to showcase what the clothes look like.

It's a vague term and I think a lot of people use it wrong. A lot of times I see kids on twitter with their t shirt "brands" and they take a flash photo of their shirt on a hanger in 4 different angles and title it a "lookbook" or like they'll take a photo of a girl wearing a hoodie in a poorly-lit room with a bad camera and call it a "lookbook" idk it's whatever you want it to be.

And since we been working so hard with Joe lately, he let us use his studio to take some photos today of this new stuff.

So we did.

And we thought "why even waste 3 hours photoshopping stuff onto a white background" because this is our lookbook and our ideas and we're the writers of the project and you're the reader of it. 

So we kept it simple.

We're going to take photos of the pieces on people, but it's been raining on our parade (and on the ground) for the past few days. And we don't really want to release everything until we have decent photographs of the stuff on people because we just never want to half-ass a project because to us, that's the equivalent of giving up and that's something we've never done and never will do. 

So for this "lookbook" we literally are just putting together photos of the clothes on a rack.

And it's not even a nice rack, either. 

We could have used a nice rack.

But at the end of the day it's the clothes everyone's going to be wearing,

Not the rack!

The hangers are nice though. 

That's one thing we pride ourselves in. 

Well. We got those today. So that's something we'll one day pride ourselves in.

And truthfully the clothes aren't going to be available for another day or two.

Because we want to take some more photos of everything but with someone wearing them.

And I really hope that people like this drop.

Like I've spoke on before, we wanted to keep it simple.

Like really simple.

Like we really just wanted to focus on the design of the logo and bringing the best t shirt and the best embroidery together to make a pretty item.

And there's like 25 of each shirt, which means they won't sell out as fast as the other stuff does.

I'll list everything that is coming out and the prices. And usually the shipping is $9 per order but we're lowering it to $5 because sometimes things cost $5.50 to ship other times they cost $9.79 if they're heavy enough and sometimes it can be like in the middle but we're just going to do five dollars flat rate and making the shirts $35 instead of $30 because they are literally 100x better than any gildan shirt any other brand is trying to sell and they're actually made in LA like they're pigment dyed in this ginormous machine to be a lighter tone than the solid color they originally were and then we matched the exact same pantone thread color to the one of the shirt itself so that it gave it the nice tonal look.



We're all stoked to finally put this out to the world and see where it goes. It's been a really fun project and we've learned a lot about manufacturing and production and how we work as a team and what it really takes to bring ideas to life even when there's lots and lots of steps involved but like we always say, that's half the fun of it!

OHKAY Forever! Spring Time 2017! 

A Real Genuine Project By Teenagers. 

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