Topic Suggestions

I just realized that I don't have very much content on here for blogs. 

And part of this entire brand is the idea of building a platform to teach what we've learned, and what we've been through as 18 year old kids who own a brand and travel around the world and stuff. 

I'll Write More, I really will. 

I want to hear what you guys want to read.

We made a function of this website interactive, in a sense that you can comment below and everyone else who reads the blog can also read your comment. 

Give us some topics to talk about and I'll make some time and write about them from my point of view. 

Love you all thank you for supporting OHKAY as a brand and being a part of this ginormous brand experience we're building. 

We have so so so many cool things we're going to show when the time is right. 

Also, I found this photo on my computer from 2015 when OHKAY had just started and I was sixteen - it was the first windbreaker I ever made. It's really cool and I might bring it back for this years' fall collection. I remember selling it to some kid for like $80 and I would do anything to buy it back from him for like triple that price right now. 




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