Chris was the one who originally started OHKAY back in 2015 as part of a high school project. Since then, he has been the owner and full-time CEO of the brand.

Chris takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes work, from designing the products to working on production to designing the website.

Chris also works as a advertising consultant and creative director, working with other brands and larger-scale companies on the side.

Outside from the brand, Chris can be booked to DJ events or host parties. If you would like to book Chris for events, brand inquiries or press inquiries personally, contact management through this page. 

Contact about bookings, collaborations, events, or brand inquiries. 

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  • 19 Years Old
  • CEO of OHKAY
  • Designer
  • Writer 
  • DJ & Party Host At Request
  • Advertising Consultant 
  • Advertising Industry Creative