"Hey I submitted a sticker pack form where are my free stickers in the mail"

We've had over 1,000 submissions for free sticker packs so hold tight and just know it takes us time, effort, and money to send stickers for free to everyone around the world so give us a little time before you start emailing us asking for more. 

"How long does shipping take?"

We try our hardest to ship orders out within 2-3 days of receiving them. To be honest, sometimes it takes a day or two more, because our team travels and sometimes someone's not at the office to fulfill the order but don't worry the piece will get to you and if you have any concerns about your order just scroll to the bottom of the page and press contact and email us. 

"Can we model for you guys?"

We get this question like 25 times a week and no, we cannot send you free clothes so you can take an instagram photo in it and never wear the piece again. Don't ask for free clothes don't ask us if you can be our next model we mainly hire our friends to model everything for us and we build the brand around the kids we work with and that's the fun in OHKAY, it's not some industry run thing where we pay your favorite instagram personality $5,000 for a photo like a lot of these other brands try to do. So yeah, maybe in the future! 

"Send me some free clothes I'll promo"

No. No. No. Aaaaaand no. We don't send anyone free clothes unless they're our friends or someone we look up to. If you ever ask a brand for free anything you're kind of a dork and you should stop that. We built this brand from the ground up and we are really really thankful for all the true customers we have and the people that are into the brand, so we have zero reason to send an instagram selfie-taking pop-star a shirt for them to post once and never wear again. If you like the brand, you'll save up the money it costs to buy something and you'll support us that way. You know what I mean?