Jamestown, Rhode Island. July 22nd - 23rd. 

Now i think this experience really set me off to the idea of the thirty days. "Damn dude, I only have one month left here" i kept saying to my friend Matt as he took me around Jamestown. "Only One More Month!" we kept saying. And to me, that kind of was the moment when I realized that the clock is ticking. We spent the day exploring the beach and talking and catching up on life. Matt and I met basically through Instagram. He's with this girl Bri who is super cool and thankfully she had an extra room in her (really cool) house that i just crashed at. And yeah, she had four horses. All of which were perfect for Flex God portraits. The best part of all of this is the story of how we captured the photo from the night time. One of the best photographs i've gotten in a very long time. 

We we're hanging out listening to music. It was a definite hundred degrees out with the humidity. It was like ten at night and I was just curious if there were any stars out because I had wanted to do more star trail photography. I went outside and noticed, hmm, clouds. whatever.

But in the distance, i saw flashes of lights beaming through these clouds. Since we were on an island, I thought oh there's a cool lighthouse around. So i go inside and ask about the lighthouse

"What light house?"

"There's no light house? Uhhhhh Matt. Grab your camera and keys. We have ourselves a lightning storm"

so we all jumped in the car and ripped through side streets towards the closest beach. Since we were on the island we only spent a few minutes in the car before coming to an opening where we saw all of the sky. 

For the longest time, just flashes of light. 

The most astonishing sight i have ever witnessed. It was like Zues was throwing Percy Jackson lightning bolts around past the clouds.

I set the ISO to 100, camera to 30", f 4.0 and just let it sit. 

Every 30 seconds i'd take another one, hoping that the flashes would give us a bolt through the clouds.

Every single second a new part of the sky lit up. Like a strobe light in the layer right past the clouds. 

Finally we saw one. The bolt thrown from above, crashing on the ocean. Thunder followed quickly after. 

We looked at eachother right after seeing such a thing and we knew we had gotten the photo we came out to get.

A few tone curves later and here we are. Lightning on the water.

all of these photos give you the ability to click on them and see them in HD. they're meant to just tell a quick story of what we did over the course of 24 hours.