an accumulations of thoughts. the end of summer and on. With phtographs

the end of new york. 

so all in all, this is the end of most things for me for a while. I say a while because to me, anything longer than a few weeks is a while. Since i'm moving to Chicago for ten weeks, most of the things i do are kind of like the 'last time for a while' type gig.

So i spent my time enjoying the last of New York until probably right after thanksgiving. And I certainly lived it well.

I wrote the article below (Today in the world of Creation) at like nine oclock in some random NYU dorm room above Union Square when my friends and I were sitting down looking for plans. 

We were staying with a friend of ours, Miles, who is originally from Florida but moved here and jumped into the scene early in the year. Miles is the one who modeled infront of the brick wall in the photos i posted below the article (scroll down to concepualize this). I guess Miles' parents have some connects and pulled some strings and got him his own room (a very nice one too) in the NYU dorms for the summer. He's not even going to NYU. But he certainly lives there like he does. So we caught some wifi, charged up our phones and stuff, and searched for plans.

Usually, in the city, there's moves. I hate that saying. but if you're in new york, you're always looking for moves. Moves are just plans. "Whats the move? Are there moves?" people ask. It's just like....."is there a plan?". I dont know. Lingo. 

So we kind of agreed there was nothing to do, so we walked a few blocks to Soho and got some pizza. We got a few slices and went down the cobble stone streets and found somewhere to sit. We just loitered outside some nice shoe store and ate our pizza.

We had some really deep discussions regarding fashion following trends in the news. We related New York culture to all the culture's worldwide and gave our own input based off of where we've been. Miles is a really cool person. Not a hypebeast. A very fashion forward person with a strong mind and a very unique sense of style. Someone I really appreciate in life. That day was the first day I met him, right when I walked into that studio to shoot for Johnny. 

Miles brought up a really cool point about how culture trends are directly related to the news and the rebellions that occur in the world and how people get together to follow causes based off of what is cool in the hierarchy. All of it made sense. Paris fashion is so forward, people from New York always try to keep up but in Paris everyone's so unique and different everyone's more than a teenage 'creative director' and Miles got to see that first hand last year so it was nice to hear his mindset on that. 

We ended up walking around for a bit. Our friend Mal was in the Mercer with this kid Ryan. "Let's just go to the Mercer and chill" Miles said as we walked aimlessly. It was something like ninety five degrees so we all agreed. We walked a few blocks and ended up at the door of the Mercer.

I guess it's some really executive club hidden in plain sight. 

"Shhhhh" he said to us as the three of us walked in. "Be quiet 'till we find them" he said as we walked into this bar-ish place. Through a door we walked, and a big fancy room was infront of us.

To my right, a lonely table idle of guests. Past that on the right was the shillouette of Jayden Smith's hair. Across the table from him, Sarah Snyder.  A quick head nod from him to me occurs as I kind of give him that look of shock like woah Jayden Smith is looking at me walk into a room. 

We continue walking and i glance to my left to see Virgil Abloh dictating a conversation as his entire teem have their eyes glued on the mogul himself. They didn't even notice we walked by. 

We walk over to Mal and Ryan and sit down. I introduce myself to Ryan. Mal and I knew eachother from the internet (MalMerk) but had never met so that was one of those awkward woah i totally know who you are but who are you type gigs. 

We talk for a while. It turns out that Ryan's full name is Ryan Ocean. Frank Ocean's brother. 

They've been in new york for the past week and a half. I guess that Frank rented out three of the big rooms in the hotel-esque place above us. Seven floors up, from what Ryan told me. They took down the walls and made it a big studio. They weren't leaving New York until the album was said and done.

Yes. I said it. Boys Don't Cry is done. Well, will be by Sunday. I'm sure i'm not supposed to be talking too much about any of this so i'll stop here but all of it exists, and is done. 

We all spend our time hanging out just enjoying the air condition of the Mercer. When we stepped outside, the heat wave struck us right in the face. We went from inside to outside, back and forth for cigarette breaks and outside conversations. At one point Virgil and their entire team came outside. Their meeting had been done. They came over and introduced themselves to us. 

Heron Preston and Virgil came up and shook our hands. 

"I'm Virgil" he said

i'm thinking in my head "you're the one person i look up to in this world"

I watch that man's every move. From DONDA to his contribution to YEEZY over the years to OFF WHITE, Virgil Abloh is the most creative person in the industry. 

"I'm Chris!" i reply. 

They had to run to do whatever they had to do so they said goodnight and headed off. 

Ryan Mal Johnny Miles and I hungout for a few hours just chilling. Ryan is super cool. He's 14 and from LA. I'm 100% sure he hates being identified as Frank Ocean's brother. But i would too. I hate when i go out and hear "OH MY GOD OHKAYCHRIS" 

Tina too. 

Everyone I know hates that. I guess it's because I just see things from the other side of the spectrum. I've hungout with everyone famous that i looked up to growing up. I spent my time with Ian Connor i got to photograph Kanye i did all that. And through it all i learned that people are just people. Ryan got a really upset look on his face when some guy came up to us and was like "you're frank's brother right?"

becuase at that point, you're not Ryan Ocean. You're Frank's Brother. Do you want that? Or do you want to be you? think about that next time you fan over someone. Do they want that attention? Do they want to take a photo with you? Chances are the answer is no. 

But yeah. At like 1am we figured we'd go to this club. Mal Ubered us there and we danced and danced for a few hours. RIght when I walked in some shirtless guy came up to me and was like 'i know who you are! come with me!" and took us all to this cool VIP area. I guess he met me during fashion week. I was like word cool!

We chilled for a while in the club then when the sun came up we found ourselves in an uber back to the dorm room that miles somehow inhabits. We crashed there and woke up in the middle of the next day.

I met an old friend of mine, Allie, who goes to Harvard but is working at a tech start up in the Financial District (bottom of Manhattan) for lunch. We spoke on life and i talked to her about the future of OHKAY. She's awesome. Someone I've always been able to look to for advice in this world. 

After lunch we walked around SoHo and I departed to head back to Johnny's. We got back, crashed early, then woke up this morning. 

We ran a few errands then at 1pm the limo was there to bring us to JFK. We rode in luxury to the airport, checked in, avoided delays and what not, and got on our plane.


Now, it's 10pm and i'm exactly 36231 feet in the air, travling 492 miles an hour, over what looks to be Oklahoma City, with two and a half hours left until we get to LA.

Tomorrow is Day N Night festival (google the line up) and I can't wait.

Tina flies in the same time we do so we'll meet her in the airport. 

Serafina Byron Johnny Tina and I got a pent house in LA for the week to stay in. I guess it's beautiful. 

Ian Connor always used to say to me "the moment you start paying for your girls flights is the moment you know you happy in love"

Ian Connor always said the truth. 

I'm so happy to be spending another week with Tina. 

And the best friends i have.

by that, i mean the only friends I have. 

Below are some photos that kind of go along with the story. I got to shoot some photos of buildings and i think the edits are really pretty. 

talk to you when i get settled in LA. UPDATE: Plane wifi isn't the best so photos aren't uploading




Today in the world of Creation

Like I always say. Each day is something new. Today I woke up at 7am in Boston, had my bags packed, and left for a while. This is the interlude to the book of life in between the past chapter and the developmental chapter that is yet to come. So this is one of those "just for fun" chapters. The one in the middle of the serious ones where the author takes a break of real life to joke around and give some personality to the text. So that's this next week. After the OHKAY stuff and before the move to Chicago.

It was a long drive from Boston to New York. It was supposed to be a peaceful four hour drive but torrential rain and a bit of traffic turned it into a long six hour voyage. I got to New York and one, dropped my car at a friends' house, and headed to the city. The goal of the day: Shoot a Lookbook. Create a Website. Drop a Collection. 

One of my best friends Johnny (the little brother to OHKAY Gang) made this awesome collection and he wanted me to shoot it. Since I can do websites, he wanted me to do all of this in one day. I always promised I would get it done by the 10th. 

I got to the city around 2pm. We rented out a studio right in Time Square. We got there and we had booked 3-4pm. Johnny styled the shoot, James modeled it, and I shot it. Overall it was a prodctive hour I got to shoot some stuff of my own as well as bring Johnny's project to life. 

From there we went straight to a Barnes N Nobles around Upper East Side and caught wifi. We sat down, had some iced coffee, edited the photographs, and started on the website. I'm pretty fast when it comes to stuff like that so i just banged it out and johnny called the shots as far as texts, sizing, information, ect. I just plugged in my brain for the rest. 

We put four products on the site, two screen printed shirts that Johnny did, an awesome mock neck sweater he had manufatured in LA, and these amazing pants that I really want to steal when we head out to California. 

We banged out the website in the matter of three hours, straight from scratch. It was a lot of typing and a lot of designing and a lot of this and that but it was all worht it in the end. We dropped directly at nine pm, just like we had promised from the start. Look below to check out the project of the day




no more mystery clothes. thank you for everyone who bought one and everyone who came to the pop up shop. that project taught me so much about how to connect with people and how to make people happy. i hope everyone liked their stuff. i had 400 orders and i am only one person and even though during the day im the owner of the company, every night im the janitor too. it takes a lot to run a company by yourself and it takes a lot to find perfect shirts for everyone and to ship everything out on time and get things where they need to be. sorry if anything went wrong. if so, contact me in the contact tab. enjoy and wear them knowing they were printed by hand by me and the gang out in boston massachusetts. keep it real, always. 

i just want to take a minute to talk about this project in its entirety. If you read my Thirty Day Mentality, then you know that each day is something new. Each day is a different project. But for once, we devoted a week to a single project. Each day a new piece to the puzzle. Each day, a new task and a new objective. I finally got to work with something that i've never had before with OHKAY, and that is a team. I can't stress enough how important it is to have a team. I only say this because i've been working for the past year primarily alone. I had another friend helping but it was always me up late on school nights shipping stuff out or me designing new pieces or me thinking of new promotional plans for the brand. For once, I had four friends of mine with brains on the same wavelength. We were all ready to work and we wanted to bring this project to life. On Monday we spent the day learning how to screen print. I had never screen printed before this project. Not by hand. Not ever, actually. I had purchased a nice one-arm screen print, a heat curer, and I had two screens made up for this project. We had eight or so designs, including the full Harambe screen. Monday was a test run day. Tuesday was the day we got to work. We had around 100 pieces to play with, and out of that 100 i bet 80 were keepers. Ovbiously, trial and error stuff. It happens. Nothing is perfect the first time through. "These are fire" we kept saying as we dropped box logo after box logo on expensive supreme shirts or our old Polo stuff or whatever it was in the moment. "I'll go make an option online, go tell everyone on snapchat it'll be out at six" i said as i grabbed my laptop and opened it up. Kevin Joe Mark and I knew people wanted these shirts. So we put them online Tuesday at six and the orders came in. Every few minutes the notification would go off. "Keep printing" we said time and time again. Luckily, we had a beautiful work space to work with, a big yard with a beautiful pool and lots of flowers and places to lay our pieces down so we could get an idea of what needed to be done. That's important. My mom always used to tell me growing up that if you can't see something infront of your face, you don't know you have it. So we layed everything out and worked piece by piece. We printed and printed. Wednesday rolled around and we accumulated another 200 pieces. We had the print process down so we got to work. Six hour days. Lots of pizza paid for by the company. Lots of smiles lots of laughs lots of cool stuff made. Stuff we knew you people would want. We made every shirt knowing it would make someone happy. That was the goal. And that's what we achieved. On Thursday we started packaging. By then there were 300 pieces made, over 200 orders online, and 200 more shirts to be made. As some printed, we packaged. As we packaged, more shirts were created. It was a team effort. A cycle. When everyone moves together, the gears work as a unit. When one person messes up, things get out of line. But we were all determined to get this project where it needed to be. By Thursday night I was on the phone with a store owner in Boston. The store LACED is somewhere every kid knows in Boston. Right on Mass ave. Right downtown. I proposed the idea of a pop up shop. He loved it. "Absolutely, let's do it" he told me. He said we were going to be the youngest group of teens to ever open a store in Boston. "Do you have stock?" he asked. I laughed "we have more than stock" because we certainly did at that point. But production didn't stop.

By midnight we had the store locked in. OHKAY POP UP SHOP. That was a vision I have had since I was 17 making basic logo tees. Back when kids in school were calling me lame and thinking i was a joke. Back when OHKAY was stupid and childish in some eyes. But now it was the vision for sunday. So we sat at the table and brainstormed. I drew up mocks for the geofilter. We planned where products would be. By friday morning we were ready to go. We had 500 pieces made by then. 200 were for online and the rest were for the store. 

Come saturday, we went to set up. It was a beautiful feeling. Bringing in all these clothes hanging them up and seeing them in real life, all brought to life. I described it to Kevin as the scene in Toy Story when the toys know that in the morning they'll be played with. The shirts were like that. All of them were one of one. Each print was different. Every shirt was unique and each buyer was going to play a role in the experience. It's not about the shirt, its about what the project meant in its' entirety. And that, to me, was important. The fact that this is a once in a life time thing, that you'll never be able to replicate the shirt you got in the mail or in the store, that to me is just a One of One feeling. 

Sunday, the doors opened at noon. Kids were waiting outside. Serafina and I worked the register while the team was on the floor handling customers. Kids were coming up and buying 3,4,5 things at a time. Hats, shirts, visors, everything. it was incredible. 

Around 250 people came to the store over the duration of the day. the owner of laced told me that its the most people he's had in the store in five years. It was packed. All becuase people wanted to be part of the experience. We met so many new people and hopefully changed so many lives. All becuase we had that vision. We wanted to bring old shirts back to life in a creative way. And we did exactly that. 


I spent all of today, a total of seven straight hours packaging shirts for online sales. We ended up selling all 500 pieces between online and in store. And that, to me, is a beautiful feeling. And to us, it's not about the money. Or the fame. or any of that shit. To some people, i guess they would kill to be in this position. But i just do it knowing it lands a smile on someones face. And if i can inspire 5 people, i'm happy. 10 people? now thats a blessing. I just want people to know that they can do anything they want in this life as long as they have a vision. Because seven days ago today, we only had a vision. Now we can say we opened a store, sold out an entire 500 piece collection, and ate pizza as a team, all in one week. All from a vision. So thank you, everyone. For everything. I shut down all the online stores on this site for a while. I need to breathe. And create. Every OHKAY item from here on out is going to be the highest material i can get my hands on because i've worked so damn hard over the past year to earn that ability. And i can finally say that the brand deserves nothing but the best. OHKAY Forever. Thank you. 


and for now, i'm off. i'm traveling with my best friends and this girl i really like and we're going to go see the world and be happy out in California. i'll post photographs. i'm going to go find myself as an artist and think of new stuff and just breathe and see the world and feel the air and enjoy the last of my summers experience. So that means that you can no longer buy any clothes online because i don't want people purchasing stuff and me not getting it to them for weeks. I'm going to be home from the 20th to the 27th then i'm moving to Chicago. Once i'm there, i'm going to be focusing on OHKAY Fall/Winter 2016 as my third and last collection of the year. So for now, I guess this will just be my blog-spot in chronolical order. I'm going to try to think of a way to make this an organized blog but i don't know how to go about that. I just really want this to be somewhere that i can voice myself, portray my life, and create. If it's products, i hope you guys still buy them. If it's photography, i hope you all enjoy. If it's videos, i hope you tune in and watch. If you want me to write about something specific or maybe do a video regarding a topic or anything you have in mind tell me about it in the contact tab and i'll do so because it's to the point where so many people ask me stuff on instagram like "how do you run a brand" or "how do you know so-and-so" or "where do i get started" and i would rather answer all of that in an organized way for everyone to feel and for everyone to indulge in rather than answering in instagram DMs. if that makes sense. I don't know. I just packed my bag. I woke up at 8am today and folded shirts and packaged 135 things for seven straight hours alone. If there's one thing i know about owning a company by myself, it's that one minute you're the CEO and the next you're the janitor. But that's half the fun. Seriously. But yeah, so i'm going to go. I'll be in New York for three days then I fly to LA for a week. It's going to be awesome. I'll try to update here daily. If not, you know you can find me on snapchat (bowdowntochris) or instagram (ohkaychris) . so yeah. enjoy. 

really, thank you all again, and if you're here for a shirt, i'll be doing another mystery box for fall with embroidered pieces so keep an eye out for that. talk to you guys soon. from chris. 









do everything you possibly can in one lifetime
— KW

new cool clothes coming out tomorrow and Wednesday. if you're reading this then you're either on the website to read about something i wrote which can be found below or in the thoughts tab or the day to day tab I've been writing what i've been doing over the past couple of days but you can definitely find that if you look around or you're here to buy something because you think this tuff is cool and it doesn't matter which one of those you are, im stoked you're here because to me, the only important thing is people enjoying stuff that i do like if i can make someone's day by designing them a one of one shirt then i'm going to. i'm going to make 100 different pieces and sell them for cheap. you wont know what you're buying. but you can tell me in the check out process what you're into. a flat fee for the mystery item. but an infinite timeline of meaning to each thing.  something that you know stands for something. and i never told you guys what that something is. because i guess i don't know it. but to me that box logo is important and the harambe jokes are forever so i think it's going to be a fun project. 


checking in time-wise here. i have 26 days until departure. 

three of which will be spent in new york working on Johnny's collection Folié Studios then from there him and I are flying to LA for seven nights to go to a festival and so i can breathe before school and stuff and hopefully i can catch up on my sleep while i'm there then we come home and  i have five nights at home then i'm going to school so in between now and new york is one week and one day so i want to somehow generate all the traffic from all 100,000 people who have been on this site in the past year and be like hey if you want me to make you something meaningful this week is the week because that's the only project on the agenda and i have a really cool team working with me on it and it's going to be so cool and so unique and not over priced but completely just one of one meaningful. 

so yeah. 

also i've been writing a lot and just injecting it into different parts of this website. if you click around and bounce tab to tab you can find stuff. none of which i am putting in your face because some people are here for the brand and some people are here for the adventure and it doesn't matter which you are, there's stuff to see, and definitely buy one of these 1/1 shirts they might be silly looking to you whichever one you get but they're mean a lot to me. 

Thirty Day Mentality.


Alright. Here we go. If you read the last blog-esque piece I composed, you know how much has been going on and how many things have been occuring left and right. Then again, if you follow me on just about anything, you know that my life is a constant go-go-go, left and right, up and down. A constant on-the-move but a constant Mentally-In-Line. A balance. A focused thought.


Ok, onto the important stuff. So today is July 27th. It's around midnight and for the first time since I rolled out of bed, I have had a minute to sit down. The piano music from Dexter Britian is playing on soft in the background. I'm in my house, which seems like something that most people aren't excited to read. But for the first time, it's something I am so happy to be saying. 

One month from today will be August 27th. It will be midnight then, as well. Nothing will have changed in time, only the month. The twenty seven in the day place will be the same. The time won't have changed. The year? 2016. Same old. You people reading this might be thinking oh I'll be doing the same thing next month, whatever that may be. But to me, it's an entirely new story. In one month from today, I will be leaving. Leaving my environment. Leaving the OHKAY work-space. Leaving my bed. Leaving my friends (not many left now adays). And leaving Boston. I'm moving to school. I'm moving on to the next page in this story. The next chapter where I am foreshadowing a lot of creation and a lot of thinking. An entire new world. Still in this country, yeah. I know one photographer, one designer, i have two friends that I met at orientation, and I have one really cool roommate. After that, the pages are kind of blank as of right now. And that's the most beautiful part about it. In one month I will be moving into my new life. I am going to wake up, pack only a few things. Laptop? Check. Camera? Check. Chargers? Check. Suitcase full of clothes and shoes? Check. Envelope full of money incase things get hectic? Check. Flight ticket printed out? Check. 

So that gives me thirty days.

Thirty mornings.

Thirty nights. 

Thirty opportunities.

So I've been practicing my Thirty Day Mentality  for one week. And I got it down. Well, enough to share it.

and i think a big reason i'm writing this is because I see so much nothing. I see so many kids, even creative friends of mine, who do absolutely nothing. I have friends who just sit inside all day and watch TV or play Xbox or smoke their weed. I guess that's what summer is for, if you're into that, but that's just so not me. You should be taking every advantage you get. Every opportunity that is thrown your way. Every time someone asks you to do something, go do it. Every time someone wants to make something. Go do it. Go share ideas. Talk to your friends. Read a book! Damnit! Read two! I don't know! Put knowledge into your brain. Learn something from each day. Don't just sit around and go on your phone. Every minute you spend on your phone during the day in summer is another minute wasted. This is the time to be free and do stuff without restriction. This is the time to do live. Life fast! Move in silence. Get out of the house. Get out of the town. Jeeze! Get out of the state! Just go see the world for what it is worth. Don't do the same thing over and over and over. Don't hangout with just one crowd every single day for all of summer. Love your friends, yes. But make sure you have you time in there, too. I guess if you're one of those 'fine with doing nothing' people, this article isn't really for you. But if you got to this point and you're looking back at the last month or two of your life wishing you had done more, then maybe this can help. 

Every day is new. Every day is a canvas. And what I've been doing is making sure that at the end of each day, the canvas is splattered with paint. 

I don't focus on making a mural, just yet. 

I just splatter. Different colors from different places. Different feels based off the vibes delivered from different scenarios. 

But I make sure that every day is a new splatter. 

A new creation. 

Because at this point, the most important thing I can do in a day is turn my opportunity into a creation.

So I've been doing exactly that. 

I guess it's the thirty and seven day mentality, because these past few days have taught me how to be the person i wish i turned into the day I finished school (which feels like it was so many months ago).

So every single day, I've made something. I've crafted a new piece. I've taken photographs. 

I wake up, get out of bed, and do something. Whatever it is, it's for me. Or you guys. I've just been doing stuff.

And honestly, doing stuff is so important to mental health.

I have been waking up and going right to the drawing table. I take out my sketch pad and open Photoshop up. I listen to piano music and get some old Drake mixed in there. I play it out loud so the sound reflects in my room. And I design something. A new hat, or a new shirt, or a button down idea for fall. I've just been doing one thing every single day. One idea, one thought that I know i can bring to life. I write down exactly how and where I'll get the idea brought to life. I just get it on paper, or in a file, or written on my wall. Then I go bring it to life

I have been spending alot of time at the print shop and embroidery lab for OHKAY. I've just been messing around and doing a bunch of different things that i think is cool.

After I make an idea, I feel comfortable leaving the house to start my day.

Each day of mine is different. If you know me or follow me on the internet you know that every day is new. Every day is unique. I don't sit around, I don't waste my time smoking weed (sorry all you 'summer sixteen so lit' people but go smoke and paint or take photos or something, more than sitting on a deck). I just make a vision and go for it. 

With that, I have set a standard for myself. I have been using my camera every single day. I charge it every night and I tread it like my paint for the canvas. Since I've been working with so many new clothes lately, I just have so much to photograph. I've been taking a minimum of thirty photos a day. Today I was on a roof in Boston styling a music video, so I shot behind the scenes photos for that, a bunch of portraits of the models in the video, and new shots of some silly caps i've been messing around with. Yesterday I did a very cool Tie Dye project with my friend, photographed the entire thing, and make it into a cool photo series. All of these things, I want to start posting here. Every day when I take my 30-40 photos, I find five or six that I love. I want to showcase each of my days on here, showing how every one can be different. It is, and it may sound odd, but it's so tough to get home at night at a reaonable hour and work on my laptop. I love doing it. There is nothing I love more than editing photos and sharing them with the world, but it's just hard to get home and do it. I'm always pretty busy until the late hours of the night out with people or shooting or this or that. you know what I mean? But i'm giving it the attempt. 

But through all of this, I'm living life. I'm not working some silly minimum wage job to make money to get by. I'm creating a life out of everyhing. As I have been, for the past year, but now I'm aiming to showcase it in its' entirety. Yeah, it's cool that you get to look at my instagram photos. but isn't it much cooler when i come on here and describe every aspect to you? don't you feel more attached to the content? Doesn't it deliver meaning to the photograph? the life?


So for the next 30 days. I just want you to think to yourself in the morning about your canvas. Make every day different. Quit your job. Visit your old friends. Go use your iPhone camera. Paint if you like to. Make music. Design clothes. Do what you want. Not what you're told to do. 

Do something different every day. 

Make something. 

Work on a project.

Collaborate with your friends.

Take the next 30 days to bring an idea to life. 

Each day, work a bit of the ways towards your goal. But just get up and do it.

I can't imagine what it would be like to wake up every day and do the same thing

Only thing i do the same every day is package OHKAY items and ship them to you guys because I love the fact that you can buy something one day, and get it on you the next. I'm really doing this for you guys becuase you guys have done so much to help me get to this point.

I can't fathom an algorithmic life

Because my life is so go go go.

just do something. just do everything.

don't worry what people think of you.

don't worry if it comes out good or bad.

just find something that makes you happy, and invest your time into it.

Try to work on something, whatever it may be, every day from here on out.

I'll be over here doing the same if anyone wants pointers or help or feedback.

But just go out and be happy! Bring something to the world!

because there is no better feeling 

than doing something 

and investing so much time into something you truly care about 

and at the end of it all

stepping back

and saying " wow. i love this "

well, i guess the only thing that tops that, is when you have person after person saying 

" you don't understand!  i love this "

and for me, it sounds like i'm going to just be doing one big project these next thirty days. But i'm not, really. I'm just going to continue with clothes. I'm going to print 5 new things every day. take all my photos. and bring them to life on here. I'm going to turn this into a blog this month and i'm going to show you guys how much can be done in one month all by yourself. i'm going to show you what it's like to work hard and think for yourself and craft. because to me that's so so so important. and if you guys like the clothes, they'll be available. and if not, i'll find someone who will get a smile on their face when they see that random t shirt. because that's why I made OHKAY. to prove to people that anything is possible, as long as you believe in yourself. 


every day just wake up and imagine the blank canvas next to your bed. white, stretched, stapled in the back. About like, let's say, 2 feet high by 1.5 feet wide? Just white canvas. And paint brushes all around.

At the end of the day each day, step back from the canvas and say "look at that, look at what i did today"

" look at what i brought to life "

then at the end of this all, you can put all the splattered canvas' together. 

And you'll have one hell of a masterpiece.

just believe in yourself.

and don't do nothing.





here's some photos of new hats I made in the past two days. and there's a few visors left in summer sixteen store