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So as I move forward as a teenager in this rapid life, I want to keep up with everything. By that, I mean that I want there to be platform established where I can keep up with myself. I, and I should say we, meaning myself and the few friends I surround myself with, do a lot of things on the day to day basis. 

With traveling and creating and directing and curating and bringing ideas to life, everything is done by us. And yeah, we're a bunch of teenagers but if i didn't tell you that and i let you run crazy on this website i could trick you and tell you we were 25 year old established artists. But that's besides the point. 

I'm sure you know me, i'm sure you know everyone on the team. The team is the gang and the gang is the family. But it's at that point in life. The point where the new pages begin and the old ones lay on their backs, chapters behind. The time where I find myself wrapping up the most intriguing chapter of my life, leaving it right behind but never far enough that I can't turn back a few pages. The times where we manifested a culture. The time where we made an entire cult from a word, and saw the entire world while doing it. The time where I was trying to release a new piece of clothing every week or so, spending eight hour nights in the OHKAY shop making sure everything was perfect to present and deliver. The time where I was learning by example, and leading by one too. The time when I was so much more than the average senior in highschool. The time we made OHKAY. 

Now I find myself and everyone I brought on board moving into a separate pocket of the country. I'm off to Chicago this coming Saturday, Serafina starts school in New York, Byron begins junior year at college in Boston, Hudson spends time working and finding himself, Johnny still looks twelve (but he's sixteen) living in New York, Alexander is literally going into eighth grade, and the rest of the gang is off in their own direction. 

And if you have no clue who i'm talking about, that's fine. That's why i'm moving to this platform. I want there to be a place where I can write, I can showcase my art, I can sell clothes i make, I can listen to you guys ask questions, I can answer, and I can be a teenager. Because over the past year i've found myself as an artist in ways i never even imagined. And I guess the biggest thing for me was the fact that I did it all alone. I worked hard and I did what I needed to do to meet my idols and I just put myself in the right place at the right time but I think all of that contributes to the idea that I always knew how to take a step back and see the world for what it was worth before getting caught 'in the moment'. I never had a go-to person. I never based my life off of anyone else's. You can't go online and be like "oh that OHKAYCHRIS kid just wants to be so and so". I'm sure you could find kids walking in my shoes down the road I paved, but that's why i've done all of this. 

During the times of looking for myself, I realized that I'm a lot more than a clothing brand. My passion is still clothes like man I love everything about clothes from the production of them to the marketing to the advertisement and everything in between, and i'm going to continue pursuing that passion and making more stuff.

 But for right now I want to focus more on blogging and bringing more life to this website because in the past year there have been over 100,000 people on this website and I thank you all so much for that because a year ago when I made this website I just thought a few people here and there would check it out but I have turned it into my full-time job, my passion, and my work of art. And that's what this is. An Art Show By Christian Brown. And when I say that, i don't mean a specific art exhibit. Because art comes in so many shapes and sizes and mediums and forms. And to me, my art exhibit is supposed to showcase my brain from every point of view.

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you want to buy clothes you see me make

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you want to look at photographs

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you're bored in school and want something to read

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you're bored at home and want some inspiration

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you have no clue how to start something and want some advice

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you want to hear new music and read about what it means to me

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you want to find new interesting people to follow on the internet

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you want book suggestions because you like reading

I want this to be somewhere that you can come when you get bored of instagram and twitter and all the saturated internet blogs. Because that's what OHKAY is for. To teach, to inspire, and to display. 

I really think I like the layout of this site now that i've spent a few nights making a new one. And let me tell you, it's certainly not easy to just make a website from scratch. So if something doesnt work right just bare with me i'll try my best to ensure it's a smooth experience. 


Take a look around the site and tell me what you think. The contact tab works fine i just tested it out and if you go to the blogs at the bottom you can actually comment on them which is a cool new feature and if you read them give them a heart or whatever, there's only a few there right now but by the end of the week there will be a bunch more. Not too much photography is here yet because i'm still thinking of how i want to showcase things and how i want to segment them. I think i'm going to do it by experience, but that means I need to write about each thing and that turns the photography itself into a blog post so i think there will be more of those than anything. The music tab should be working right as well.

Also, out of all 100,000 previous users, 81,000 of them viewed the site on their phone. 

I get it, everyone is on their phone all the time. But if you know anything about web design or if you know anything about full quality projects, you know how much better things look on the computer. That's just how it always goes. This site is made on a laptop and is made to be viewed on a laptop so I just hope you appreciate the complexity for what it is, on a wide screen not on just your phone. 


Alright. it's 3am and i'm going to bed. I should have all the photographs from my trip to LA up by tomorrow night then as the week progresses i'm going to get a new blog up every night because i'm afraid when i move it's going to be hard for me to upload tons of stuff daily while i'm balancing starting a new life in Chicago. 

Talk to you soon.