Sunday, July 24th

spent the day with an old best friend of mine Makayla Scalli. 

Our friend from Boston was having a show and Makayla was hosting it and during sets i was hitting the DJ booth doing my thing bouncing around. 

Mid way through the concert i was getting sweaty so i went for a walk down Mass Ave in Cambridge where I found this pretty looking building and headed to the top floor, found myself walking up the fire escape, and out onto the roof. For the first time in a while, it was a place where I could just breathe. I could think. And I could listen. And the world was right in front of me. Just there. And that, well that's an amazing sight in itself. I sat on the edge and dangled my feet off for a while. Just me time i guess. Went back down and went back to the concert for the last set. 

Out of everything we saw that day, the one thing that i found most eye opening was what was painted on the wall in an alley. 

"DONT Do It 4 The Image. Do It Because You Love It"

that's a quote that i'll take from Sunday, July 24th and bring with me all the way through the next fifteen July 24ths