Ohkay x Morte Collaboration 

You know when you are interested in something and you just find other people into the same thing? It's such an incredible feeling knowing you're not alone in a realm of creativity. Pianist hangout with other pianists. Painters like to paint with other painters, right? Artists hangout with artists. Football players hangout with football players. Well, when I was 17 and just starting OHKAY, i found someone that I could relate to. It's not that I found them, it's more than that. Roman Pelligrino is one person who I always looked up to as a kid. He was from a few towns over and he was a year older than me. When he was a sophomore or junior he created Morte Apparel. In the past year he's moved to New York to take up his fashion career and he's actually moving to London now to work on menswear collections and his craft. But anyways, he was the most talented kid I knew. Roman could take a sheet of material and some buttons and have you your own hand crafted button down fit perfectly to your body within hours. At the Morte HQ at his house, anything was possible. I'll dig up some photos some time and show you. But this was one place that I learned cut and sew, and the idea of endless creation. Morte was the coolest thing ever. Roman has the best creative direction out of anyone i have ever met. Everything is just so perfect. His vision is so endless. Since he's moved on to bigger and better things he has dropped the brand for a bit. But Roman will forever make an impact on not only me, but this world. One day he's going to be a man like Raf Simmons. I promise you this. And I don't say that about anyone I know. So for me to do a collab with him, was more than meaningful to me. It was as cool as collaborating with a brand like Supreme. That's how much this meant to me. And it was in the beginning of my creations so looking back on this now, almost a year later, it seems so simple and so basic, but its so meaningful. And I still wear my hoodie with three patches on it all the time. It's just one of those things I get to look at and say 'yeah, we made that'.  Because the we signified so much. It was two kids with their own brands working together. Sharing ideas. Bringing ideas to life. And this is still the only time OHKAY has ever collaborated with another brand. I have gotten offers from tons of different teen-owned brands and there's been good money involved and what not, but i've turned every one down because i'm not collaborating with anyone until the timing is right and the opportunity is perfect. OHKAY is worth more than "hey dude let me put your brand on a tee and i'll send you $500" because if i don't believe in another person or another brand, what is five hundred dollars to my name? nothing. absolutely nothing. so this was something I will forever cherish and i'm so glad I got to do it. I'm sure you can find some morte content on tumblr if you dig. it was so tight. coolest stuff i own. hands down. so yeah, that's that. there's a few photos down below but i just found this post from my older website and i had to include it. If you want something, do whatever you can to get it. Bring ideas to life. Work with your friends. Make stuff happen. Believe in one another. Please. And Thank You. (written 8/20/16)

This project, more recently been named "Roman and i" has been the first part of the Ohkay x Morte Collaboration Capsule. In this, we used a white Champion hoodie as our canvas, and our extensive imagination to paint the picture. We have created six pieces of work, all in white sweatshirt format. Together, we depicted six different stories. We hand cut the fabric, all with the intention of telling a story. With each order comes a written story by myself, portraying the implicit meaning of each piece.  Each piece is hand cut and hand sewn by Roman Pelligrino and myself . The hoodie contains three 3in x 3in hand sewn patches, all in fluent order as the story tells. On the hood is a reflective brand logo from both Morte Apparel and Ohkay. Roman and i hope that whoever gets their hands on these six pieces enjoys them to their greatest extent and handles with utmost care. Thank you to everyone who appreciates us, our work, and our aspirations. Start Something, Never Stop. 10/1/2015 .