Since I opened the contact tab to question and suggestions for the site, a few people have asked me to share some of the music that i'm into. I'm going to link a few tracks from souncloud, youtube, and write a bit about what some artists mean to me. I'm also bored on a flight listening to music 37,000 feet in the air staring at the sky. They're not in any specific order. Life is beautiful, isn't it? Hope you enjoy. 

I want to post entire playlists (like an album or a long mix) and write what it means to me so you can think of it as more than just some song. 


This song is something that I will always love. I found it from a mix that Virgil Abloh had posted back in February from an 18 minute set that he did at Art Basel Festival in Miami. It's something i used to listen to when i would travel by myself. The chorus speaks for itself. 

below this is supposed to be Born To Die, an album by Lana Del Rey

For me, Lana Del Rey has always been my favorite female artist. Growing up in an art-indulged lifestyle, I bounced from alternative music to the rap culture back to light indie music and I would try to dabble everywhere in between. I think that music is definitely something that I grew up with and it helped shape me to who I am. I'm not one of those people who say that I became who I am through the music, but i definitely think that the music was there to shape me when no one else was. I've always been an only child. I've always been someone who grew up spending a lot of time alone. i think that the fact that I never had a loud house hold or maybe i iddnt have borthers and sisters to talk to made me lean towards the music more becuae it was a way for me to learn about people expressing themselves through art. I never found my medium when I was younger, and I guess I don't necessarily have it now. Yeah, photography is my specialty, but I just use that to open the doors to the bigger things in life. So moving back to the idea of Lana, I always looked at her music as an art form. All of her songs acted to me as something to go and listen to when Rocky's music was getting too repetitive or when i was fifteen stuck in my emotions. I think that Born To Die is the best album to ever come to my attention. Everything about it, from the upbeat melody offset by the soft tone of her voice and the way that she just potrays such emotion from song to song makes it a piece of art. 

This is one of the albums that I will live and die through. Every word, every metaphor. Because when I was a young teenager making art, it would be to Lana Del Rey. When I would get sad (yes, oh my gosh, everyone gets sad stop thinking i'm some pussy or something) i would find myself listening to Lana. So I think that it's definitely important that I touch upon the significance of this tape to my life and how much it meant to me when I was like fourteen and fifteen. 

This was the music that I was going to when I was in the first developmental stages of maturity. When I was a freshman I was in an AP art class. Now, I went to some really high end white public highschool. The kind where all you need to do is smile and look nice and you make it out alive. With that being said, there wasn't much of an art culture. There was no photogaphy program, no real graphic design courses, nothing of that mannor. So i got into AP art and took it my freshman year. I was the only young kid, in a small class of thirteen. Now that was the most important part of my highschool. That one class taught me to be who i am, and to make sure i never turned into the person I always knew i could have turned into. At a school like that it's easy to fall into the sport culture or the weed culture or the do nothing and work a minimum wage job for life culture. That's all that public school is. Right? But these older kids taught me that there's a bit more to life than that. They were kids who were all living to get to New York. I guess those few people taught me the goal. To Get Out. That's something I've lived by since that freshman class. Grow up and Get Out. Just get out of your local town. Get out of your area actually. Just make it out. If you get stuck, you're stuck forever. If you don't take risks and meet people and grow as an artist and bring ideas to life, you fail. If you don't travel and don't see the world, you fail. If you don't leave the town you went to highschool in when you're 18 or 19, you fail. And those kids taught me that. And every day we would listen to Lana while they worked on their portfolios and I worked on my own pieces. They were the art kids at school. The ones with style and creativity. And unfortunately enough after they graduated that year, they discontinued the class and I became the only kid in school actually persuing a career or interest in art. And it stayed that way. 

Actually funny fact, sophomore year the art teacher at school reviewed my photogaphy and told me that i coudn't go anywhere with it. 

"Chris, i don't think you should waste your time with photography. You should look for things you're better at" she said as she taught her class how to take panoramic photos on a Canon T3. I laughed. 

I never really stepped foot in that classroom again. 

Except for the time that Complex featured my photos of Kanye on the front page of their site. Before she got to school that morning I wrote the link on her white board in sharpie. The un-erasable kind. She never talked to me about it but she knew exactly what it meant. Hell, she had to go on the site! It was branded on her board for the entire week. 

Whatever. Super Rich School producing kids with nothing but fake friends

But during that time i spent a lot of time learning how to be myself through Lana's music.