So i moved from boston to chicago in september and i moved to school and spent all of september getting adjusted to chicago. i went into every store, met every person i could. asked a lot of questions. i had just moved there. back in boston i knew everyone in the clothing world so i knew exactly where to get my stuff printed, embroidered, all that. it was like clean slate in chicago. i knew no one, no one knew me, no one knew the brand. as time went on i met a bunch of people and ended up finding a great guy who prints for tons of brands in chicago. him and i got sushi one day and talked about the future. he told me he didn't print for people he didn't know so i told him everything about the brand. after that day he became the guy who has brought all of ohkay to life since september. in october i knew i needed to stay creative because if i didn't put new stuff out i would have lost motivation for the brand. i called it "spookyboiz" and did a few new pieces with a halloween-esque vibe. skull longsleeves, new logos, a box logo, an orange hoodie. we released them and everything sold out in a few weeks. it was the fastest ohkay has every sold. it was amazing. it taught me that i could never slow down. we shot the 'lookbook' in some abandoned bank in chicago. if you'vek nown me forever you know how much i like abandoned places. it was such a full circle experience and i'm so glad with how it all came out.