OG Logo White Hoodie

OG Logo White Hoodie


This is the hoodie that started it all. The basic Ohkay Logo on the chest. 

One day I was like yo I want to start making clothes. That was around March of 2015. I was like aw damn my instagram name is Ohkaychris why don't I just run with something along those lines. A few weeks later I became an apprentice to a screen printer at a local shop. I started printing Ohkay onto things and bam. Look where a word took us. I guess simplicity is key and it's all about having people that back you. You guys are the reason Ohkay runs and continues to grow into larger, more interesting things as time progresses. So yeah, this was piece one of the Ohkay series. And I hope you all love it. It's so damn comfy. Trust. 

This unisex hoodie is so comfy you probably will wear it to a party then fall right asleep in it. Facts. 

Hand crafted in USA

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