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Sixteen year old Serafina Rogers shows off vintage style in her rural envoirnment for this week's Young Fashion Muse Of The Week. Wearing a GAP hoodie from 1996 and new Chanel Trainers (Purchase Here), she contrasts signature denim with a light fall vibes. 

We spoke to Serafina about her unique style and asked her why she chose that particular hoodie for the outfit photo.

"It's really cool, the hoodie is five or so years older than me, I found it in a family closet somewhere". 

- "Do you often wear vintage pieces?"

"Yeah, sometimes designer clothes head-to-toe get boring. I like to mix it up every once in a while".

"Tell us a bit about how you can continue to inspire while still being young"

" I love clothes, always have always will. Being young is cool, a lot of older people in the scene admire that I'm young and still have my head on straight. I balance school, traveling, and life all at once. I guess I learned how to perfect it in the digital age."