Wednesday, July 27th

An eventful day, to say the least. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but a lot of walking. 

A friend who I met via Instagram named Ian had DM'd me saying he was in Boston (from New York) for a day or two. 

Every time I travel anywhere, I rely on people. It's how travel goes. You need a place to sleep and you need people to show you around. Other people know more about their town than you do, let's face it.

I met up with Ian and his girlfriend in a Chipotle on Mass Ave in Cambridge. 

We walked around for a while and I showed them different parts of Boston. We talked New York friends, travels, and photography. 

After dropping them off at Newbury Street and pointing them in the right direction, I had redirected and gone to meet up with my friends who were working on a music video. My job was to supply the spots and style Josh

I took the film crew to one of my favorite roofs in Boston (The OHKAY Chinatown Spot)

We shot a few scenes there, well, they did. I kind of just chilled in the back and shot some photos. 

First photos in the OHKAY BOX LOGO

Best part of the day: "OHKAY IS GAY" discovery in white ink